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Game Review   2007-09-10


Plant TycoonPlant Tycoon - Next Stage of Sim Game Evolution...


According to the theory of natural evolution, plants were the first live creatures to settle the Earth. Then appeared fish and animals, and eventually - people.


But the gaming world follows no rules.


With the help of enthusiastic and gifted game developers who joined their efforts in transferring core simulation games into the field of casual games, the gaming evolution seems to move in the opposite direction. First they created Fish Tycoon, so gamers could feed & breed fishes sitting at their computer. Then they turned monitors into the isolated island of Isola, and settled them with Virtual Villagers. And only last week they invented magical plants that can grow right on your monitor.



I am talking about Plant Tycoon - the latest title from Last Day of Work Software.

Basically, the principle of the game is the same as those of Fish Tycoon and Virtual Villagers.


You are to take care of plants, grow, nurture with the eventual aim to sell at the highest price.


Plant TycoonFor the money you earn you can get everything to have your plant business growing and bloomingJ, i.e. more quality soil and vitamins, all sorts of tools to make your plants look more beautiful, new seeds, plant growth hormones, chemicals and medicals, as well as some nice stuff to attract your customers to the plant shop.


This is what you will be doing with the plants

1. Put some soil to the pot.

2. Water it (be sure to pour normal volume of water to the pot - see the water meter at the bottom right of the screen).

3. Take a seed from the seed box and put it into the pot.

4. From that time on a new plant will start to grow. In order to speed up its growth you can pour some growth hormone.

5. When the plant is mature enough, it's time for pollination. Take some pollen from the respective box and spray it over the plant. In a fixed time the plant will be producing seeds.

6. Once you highlight the plant and see that it has produced several seeds, it's time to put the seeds to the seed box.

7. Then, you've got to trim the plant a little before you sell it. But be sure to check out the health status of every plant while cutting it. Using the shabby shears, you can damage the plant, so you'd better get yourself better shears when you earn enough to afford them.

8. Put the FOR SALE lable to sell the plant, push the SELL button - and your plant will be displayed for sale at the nursery.


9. We advise you to nurture and sell as more plants as possible at a time. This is because in order to sell your plants, you've got to always be present in the nursery.


Download Plant Tycoon for freeOk, now it's time to tell you more about the structure of Plant Tycoon. Worldly-wise Fish Tycoons and masters of Virtual Villagers will find a little or nothing new about it. Your game screen will consist of several tabs.


Main tab is where you grow and take care of your plants. This is your plant laboratory where you can grow and pollinate plants and monitor their health, maturity, level of hydration, and specie type.


Seeds tab is a huge box where you can store the seeds you get. Supplies Shop is the right place to buy any upgrades or stuff useful in your business. We recommend that when you get rich, you first get yourself decent cutters and growth hormone for the plants.


There are no plants without insects. Once in a while, you will see a bee, or butterfly flying around your plant. Be sure to grab butterfly net and catch it. All the captured insects will be added to your collection. Note that collecting insects is not mandatory, but is an additional fun.


As per the nursery, I have to tell you this is going to be your main source of income. Be sure to place several plants for sale there and come spend around 15 minutes here.


People looking very much like Virtual Villagers will soon start showing up. You can always know what's on your customer's mind by clicking on a certain person.


Note that Plant Tycoon is played 24/7 even if you don't play it for a lengthy time.Plant Tycoon So, your plants keep on growing and producing seeds even while you live your serious life and play no games.


The other advantage about the game is that the longer you play, the more beautiful plant species you will be seeing. Overall, you will have to handle 500 species. Every new specimen brings you closer to discovering magical plants of Isola. Thus, throughout the game you will be solving a genetical puzzle, just as you did while playing Fish Tycoon.


So, Plant Tycoon allows players to kill two birds with one stone. It helps you to make your place a little more green and build a blossoming business.


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Game Review   2007-09-10


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