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Game Review   2007-05-10



Platypus II – Space Shooter NostalgiaPlatypus II – Space Shooter Nostalgia


Sometimes all of us want to come to our childhood and plunge into some action shooting game. If it is just about you, try Platypus II by Game House to satisfy your hunger for heroism.

Your first step in Platypus II is choosing a ship. They differ not only by a color, but also by the way they shoot. Thus, one may feature a wave-type of attack, while another one makes angled shots. Beside, you may prefer spaceships with either rare or front-mounted cannons. Then you'll find yourself on the left of the screen as a funny colored plane, ready to struggle against lots of enemies.


The game story will seem rather familiar for ones who prefer shooters. You are to save your nation.


Platypus II – Space Shooter NostalgiaThe peaceful Mungola inhabitants were suddenly invaded by mean enemies and now their land is under the great threat of destruction. Cruel Collosatropolians, which were not defeated in the first Platypus, once again throw down a challenge.


Now everything depends on you and you hold the destiny of Mungola people in your hands. To control the game, just put your fingers on the mouse (keyboard and joystick will also do) and commence your fighting. The required  information, including left lives (5in general), score, bonuses e.t.c. may be found in the left beneath corner of the screen.


The main aim of Platypus II is to save you ship and earn as much score as you can. As you have a look at the playing field, you'll see that it's a great challenge to complete this task.


Platypus II – Space Shooter NostalgiaYour space ship is almost the smallest object among the other flying warcrafts. But as you start playing you come to conclusion, that you can take an advantage of its shape and size. The point is that you have a chance to wave and maneuver between lots enemies rather successfully. Be ready to face various submarines, flying bombs, tubes, which emit some poisons, aircrafts and many other harmful war gadgets. All of them may destroy you if you even come too close to them.


You should be very careful and attentive as different foes shoot differently. When you fly behind one in hope that it is a safe place, you may face a bad surprise as this aircraft, for instance, uses rear cannon.


Platypus II – Space Shooter NostalgiaThe battle space is rather wide. You may either fly high in the sky or go down and smooth over the sea surface.


By the way, a little hints: there are less dangerous objects on the water line. But beware of huge tubes and other tiles which stick out the water.


Thus, don't be surprised when you notice the statue of Liberty, deepen up to its shoulders in the sea.


A system of multiple bonuses and power-ups was created to facilitate your task and inspire for the new deeds.


Platypus II – Space Shooter NostalgiaIn order that you receive some bonuses and earn additional score, you are to destroy a certain group of hostile ships. You'll indicate that you've got a bonuses by the stars, which are left after these tiles. Such tiles will change their color and grant you some useful advantages.


Thus you'll be able to shoot in the dangerous targets automatically, emit rockets or crushing sonic waves, for example. Another kind of power-ups is fruits. Gather them as much as possible to increase your score amount. Note that pieces of fruits, grabbed separately bring you more benefit than bunches of them!


As graphics doesn't play a top-priority role in such bluster games, we shouldn't criticize the creators for the style of primitivism in the graphic design. In general, it's rather bearable. But if you love cartoon-like games with  the objects modeled of clay, you are going to love it. The music is suitable and resembles the one which we've heard while playing Platypus II predecessors (Galaga and Space Invadors).

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Game Review   2007-05-10


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