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Game Review   2007-07-30


Posh ShopPosh Shop Announces Arcade-Paced Sale


Monday is stuffed with work, so in the beginning of the week we picked a game that would have an energetic effect. The best way to prepare yourself for a hectic business week is to tackle some speedy job simulator.


I suppose after the crashing release of Turbo Pizza (that is quickly climbing to the TOP 5 GAMES at GameMile) it's hard to think of something more robust and vivid... But our today's review is showcasing the game that will put your brain and fingers work as well.



Posh Shop developed by Russian company PuzzleLab and presented by Real Arcade is a time-management arcade that bases its mechanics on such classical games as Teddy Factory.


The name of the game speaks for itself: you as a proprietor of fashionable boutique are to promptly serve your visitors that come to buy clothes and correctly fulfill their orders.


Each clothes ensemble consists of several elements that are quickly running along the winding conveyor.


So, the point of the game is to link several clothes items consequently in order to make an ensemble (skirt, sleeveless shirt and jacket, pants; or say, T-shirt and jacket etc.).



As you see, the mechanics of the game is very similar to that of Teddy Factory, where you are required to assemble toys by clicking on all of its parts.


Posh Shop Free Game Download Customers standing on the left side of the screen come to your shop and require several clothes items.


So, you need to serve them quickly by making clothes ensembles and meeting the daily quota.


Similarly to many other time-management games, there will be two kinds of quotas in Posh Shop - normal, or minimum and expert quota.


There's a fancy element in the game. Just like in Turbo Pizza, in Posh Shop, combos are the key ingredient of success.

Posh Shop Free Game DownloadThat is to say, in Posh Shop combos are made in a very original way.


Prepare two or more ensembles missing the same element. Wait until it shows up from the stock - and than drag it to the unfinished suits. Hurrah, you will assemble two, three and more suits with just one missing item!


Maybe the game has a couple of shortcomings, but it surely does not lack variety.


Though the graphics could be a little more elegant, the game still grabs you with a great variety of clothes to sell, tasks at any level, mini-games, multiple clothes and furnishing upgrades that you can buy for your shop between the levels.


Posh Shop Free Game DownloadYeah, once you play a couple of the common levels, you will be offered to play a mini-game(match-3 puzzle) aimed at swapping and matching accessories.


Imagine playing Big Kahuna Reef and matching stylish sunglasses, high-heeled shoes, purses and so on instead of all the submarine stuff. So, this classical match-3 with all the glamorous accessories will give you a chance to earn additional points that will be turned into dollars and added to your income.


Developers of Posh Shop were smart enough to expand the variety of gameplay by such a popular game as hidden object, and in Posh Shop it has acquired a brand-new look and feel.


Posh ShopAt the end of business week you will be required to clean the mess caused by your numerous customers and find the clothes cluttered all over your shop and put it where it belongs. Be warned that you are to do this under the strict time limitation.


This is a sweet and vivid arcade that is worth trying in case you are into time-management games. It blends time-management, match-3 and hidden object elements, each under a rather strict time limitation.

Posh Shop is a kind of game that grabs you with its gameplay rather than its graphical interface.



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Game Review   2007-07-30


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