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Game Review   2010-03-16


Potion Bar - Travel in Time and Space

Potion Bar free game downloadPotion Bar is a unique mix of time management and simulation game where you are to play the role of a bartender! Got used to ordinary bars with coffee, soft drinks and shakes? Forget about it as now magic cocktails and potions come into fashion. The game starts with you riding in a streetcar and going to have an interview somewhere in a cozy bar in the back streets of the old city. Standing near the bar you noticed that it was pitch-black inside though the windows had always been lit up before. Despite your hesitation the curiosity quickly overcame you and made you step in. From the first sight you found the bar so deserted and awfully quiet that it made you think you'd entered a wrong building. A strange note on the counter attracted your attention. It was written by somebody by name Jack who had obviously escaped from this ominous place and left you instead of himself.

Experience an unforgettable adventure to the world of magic!

Potion Bar free game downloadThe note also told you to take a statuette of a cat, standing beside, rub it in the hands and blow on it. Ooops, the magic began! The statuette turned into a living cat telling you the history of the Potion Bar where you seemed to spend the rest of your life. Created by a powerful Witch, it was a favourite dive of every possible devilry. It was Jack who had served potions and amulets here but somehow managed to run away, so you are to roll up your sleeves and restore the former glory of this sinister hangout.

Potion Bar 
free game downloadThough you'll soon see that there is little sinister in this bar and game in general. It's the cat only who tells you mysterious things and often seems to keep something back. All you guests are funny creatures which will definitely make you smile if not laugh. Serve them various potions in decorated flasks enduing them with magical powers like reversing aging or uncovering innermost secrets of the Universe, and give them garlic amulets as gifts to make them happy and generous. As you may guess, the more generous they are, the more your bar thrives.

Potion Bar free game downloadDon't expect, however, pure time-management style as there are puzzles and hidden object minigames waiting for you between the levels where you have to make new sorts of potions and open gates to next stages bringing you closer to the clue and to your freedom. Solve the mystery, restore the balance between the good and evil, and solve the greatest puzzle ever to protect the Tree Of Life!

To conclude, the Potion Bar game features captivating storyline, lots of magic characters like witches and nymphs, unique magic potions to create and amazing artwork as well as a mix of skillfully intertwined genres definitely worth trying!

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Game Review   2010-03-16


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Seven  2012-04-29 12:59:16
Alexandre , faz como eu fiz , vai te o arquivo ae , Potions NG 4.8.8.ng clica com o botao dtriieo nele e vai em renomear , no final da palavra , no lugar de ".NG" deixe assim : ".TXT" e aperte enter e abra o arquivo , aqui foi preciso montar o script , mais eu fui olhando as partes como estavam no video e deu certo , esta funcionando perfeitamente , espero ter ajudado ! flwsss

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