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Game Review   2007-05-04


Private EyeThe Private Eye: Your Challenging Investigation


Well, while you are trying a mysterious role of private eye, take a closer look at the inhabitants of Enigma Society and someone who needs your help...Enigma Society is a criminal organization specializing in playing mean tricks and thus, creating the work for you.


So, you are to go through all circumstances and find all evidences to unravel the criminal intentions of the Society. Of course, the task is not easy and requires your patience and attention, but the ironical mood of the game and your cute assistant Kimmy will help you to complete all the tasks successfully.


In general, the game-play is integral and addictive. One investigation gradually transforms into another as you pass through different locations and places.


Private EyeTo complete your task and satisfy a secret person who needs your help you are to sleuth in multiple locations and find hidden items there.


This type of gameplay is common for MCF, Dream Day Wedding, Mysterville and other hidden-objects games.


You are given a list of items to be found and a certain period of time to do that.


The aim is to distinguish the required objects in the cluttered and bright locations. Playing Private Eye you are to do the same, but be ready for some unexpected surprises.


First of all, you are to find the items by searching and shooting them with a camera objective, as a real snooper. This is just the way you should play Paparazzi game.


Private EyeStrange thing, the clues you find don't disappear from the playing field and if you click them after you've already got them, you lose your score. By the way, you get minus 50 points after clicking the wrong item,  so think carefully! And at last, you'll constantly keep on smiling while playing the game as the comments on the found titles are extremely funny.


Before you start your investigation you will be given a map with a pointed location, such as Africa, Egypt and other countries (total of 30 ) and a subject to look for. Also you'll be provided the information about that place and suspected people - their hobbies, points of interest e.t.c.


As everything in the game story is covered with a haze of inscrutability, you may find yourself in different secret rooms or in the heart of a picture, for example.


Private EyeWhen you focus the objective on the chosen item, you may see an eye, which means a hidden location.


Follow it to get to the bonus level and make a great step in your investigation. It may also be a hand, which points to the required evidence. It will give you additional points.


If you are at your wit's end, ask Kimmy for help. But you should take into account, that it will take her near 25 seconds to find the object.


Private Eye also features some challenging and unique sublevels and bonus tasks. Thus, if you wish to earn more score and accelerate your investigating process incredibly, you may accept the following tasks.


Private EyeFirstly, you may go deep into the very heart of a simple wall picture (as you see in your objective) and try to unravel its secrets and find all the hidden items.


Then, the game offers you to compare two pictures and mark the differences between them or to find the objects by their silhouettes - the way it was in Paparazzi.


But it still is not the whole list! You should also try to grab the required words by clicking them. As the words appear and disappear very quickly on the playing field, be very attentive! You may click on a wrong word which looks very similar to the one you are to find and lose you score.


As for me, Private Eye is rather addictive game, but it is very similar to Paparazzi. Despite being overloaded with lots of different game-play types, it won't get you bored. All in all, you can  always skip the task that you don't like. As the music and graphics are quality, you may try your sleuthing skills in the most comfortable settings.

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Game Review   2007-05-04


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chazal  2007-05-08 08:36:25
desire telecharger la demo

Saori  2012-11-24 16:24:50
That's all nice, but how did God tell you that you should not indugle?For me the problem is that you say the world of a game is make-believe and win in a few minutes, ruling and conquering. That is just as much the case with darts. The world of darts is pretty straight forward and while it is true that you would not be conquering or ruling, the same is true whilst playing Flight Director. The key for me is the knowledge that you are not directing actual flights. I know of a friend who worked for an airport, and played a game on the iphone that is similar to flight director. First time round he got a really high score, but he knew that the difference between his day job and playing a game on an iphone was not the same. It was play . So while I recognize that the importance of seeing the distinction between a game and a real situation of brining planes in to land is worlds apart the first is not apriory detrimental its just different, not necessarily playing god.The value of play is inherent in that it is a world in which we learn. So while play is not the real world it can be a form of learning, enjoyment and indeed education. Entertainment is not wrong per se and the same is true for Flight Director. So its the theology and the higher principle I am after, rather than how you personally feel about games.As for playing god, well The creative act in and of itself is a form of imitating God and the Trinity. In fact, I would argue that is exactly what we have been created for, as long as we have a correct understanding of a place in the creation order and we order our lives accordingly.There is a place and time for everything under the sun. And there are limits to our sacrifice or the sacrifice we are asked to engage in and you rightly say that is based on the individual in her/his circumstance. This in turn means that for some it is completely appropriate at times to spend down time, wrapped up playing a game. That is just as true for you, who as an Elder/Pastor cannot give everything (including being a father, or reading fun novels that distract you) from what God has asked you to make the focus of your life.I am interested in a theology of play. How about you?

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