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Game Review   2008-01-25


Purrfect_Pet_ShopPurrfect Pet Shop - Time-Management Game For Animal Lovers


Animals-themed games seem to continue filling up the market today.


And Purrfect Pet Shop is another gift from eGames / Techfront to casual games fans and it's a double gift for gamers who love animals.





Choose a character you want to play with and start your work at a pet adoption center.


Purrfect_Pet_Shop According to the story you are one of two siblings (male or female is up to you). You get a call from your Nana. She disparately needs your help at her pet adoption center.


And - guess what? - you are willing to help. Your character shares her love for poor stray animals and would love to work in a place like that.


After a short tutorial by Nana you get it started. What you do is you serve the customers that come to buy a pet for themselves.


Apart from that there's a special pet you take care of in between the levels. After every level you can also go to the shop and buy some upgrades or toys for your pet.


You are to find out what pet every customer wants and give it to him as quick as possible. You have also to take care of your special pet in between the levels in order to fill up its adoption bar.


Purrfect_Pet_Shop So you have the pets in cages in the center.


Then there are different stations there to meet some of the needs the pets may have - bath, food, water, medical treatment. You don't want to get less money from a customer because you gave him/her a pet with some need.


Then there are customers that want a specific pet out of those that you have. You have to find out yourself which one exactly.


Each customer has four icons and usually one or two are uncovered and the rest are covered. These icons tell you things like fur color, fur type, cat or dog.


You can uncover all the icons but this will cost you the money you would get if you hadn't. So it takes to think logically, not to be fast only.


From the very beginning you choose the parameters of your special pet. You are going to take care of it after every level.


Purrfect_Pet_Shop At the very beginning you choose a special pet for yourself. You choose whether it is going to be a cat or a dog. Then you choose different parameters like fur color and type, eyes color, sex etc.


From this moment on you are to take care of it till it's ready to be adopted. So you see it after each level. And within a limited time you have to do all the required things to meet all of its needs. Very slowly, step by step, you fill up the adoption bar.


There's also a Photo Shoot Mode where you can take pics of your pet. You make the animal look the way you want, then you choose a frame for the pic, and then you can either save the picture on your computer or send it to your friends.

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Game Review   2008-01-25


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