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Game Review   2007-10-23


 Puzzle City Game ScreenshotsPuzzle City - Mosaic,Tetris, and Tycoon Mix


Tireless search of innovations is what makes game developers blend the completely different game genres that have never been used in one game before. This is the case with Puzzle City by e-Games – a new title that blends elements of Tetris, Mosaic game mechanics to form a new strategy/tycoon game sort of Build-a-lot .

Aside from the original genre mix, Puzzle City features state-of-tycoon game plot. You are hired by the shark of construction business business-like Mz. Towers as a construction manager in Puzzle City.



So, your goal is to quickly manage all your projects and complete your goals set for the current level, just like in Build-a-lot.

 Puzzle City Game ScreenshotsBut the construction work is much different from the above-mentioned tycoon game. And this is what makes Puzzle City such an original mix. You will have to construct buildings out of multicolored puzzle pieces(similar to Tetris figures in shape) moving along the conveyor belt. So, the point is to fit those pieces inside the corresponding areas on the playfield and not let your conveyor get overfilled with construction materials.

Well, in general everything sounds rather simple. But if we go into details, we’ll see the game is a great challenge.

So, you’ll be able to construct several types of buildings:

- school campus;

- hospital;

- shopping center;

- police station;

- residential areas;

- fire department;

- factory, etc.

On each level Mz. Towers will give you three types of tasks: construct buildings of a certain type, cover the required percentage of area with buildings, and fill the highlighted areas with the buildings of the corresponding type.

 Puzzle City Game ScreenshotsEach of type of buildings has its own color (constructions materials used for residences are green, hospital ones are white, trading centers are blue etc.).


So, you’re to pick a shape from conveyor, and place it on the right place on the game field. The game field will be divided into several parts. You’re to tend to fill each district with the shape of the same type.

Some parts of your Puzzle City will be highlighted in blue, green or white, which means you will have to fill them with the shapes of the same color. Thus, some areas are designed for hospitals, residences or shopping malls.

For doing things right, you’ll get bonuses that’ll help you succeed in game, such as trash can, recycling device, bulldozer for demolishing the area, dynamite for exploding the useless shapes on conveyor etc.

 Puzzle City Game ScreenshotsGiven the multiple number of tasks together with the limited time and moving conveyor, the game gets extremely dynamic in no time at all. So, you’ve got no time to read the funny comments of your workers and watch the UFOs and planes fly across the playfield as your fingers and eyes are set to use each puzzle piece reasonably and not let the pieces overfill the conveyor – otherwise you will have to start everything from scratch.

The only bad thing about the game is that while it’s getting too dynamic, and the puzzle pieces come out randomly. So, it can take ages for you to wait for the singe piece to complete the whole area. And while you’re waiting for it, the conveyor can get overfilled…

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Game Review   2007-10-23


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