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Game Review   2007-12-28


Puzzle_ManiaPuzzle Mania - Jigsaw Adventure


In case you are a jigsaw puzzles fan, Puzzle Mania, developed by Elefun Multimedia, is definitely a perfect means to indulge yourself with this kind of fun.


You are to go through a great number of jigsaw puzzles and collect 8 totems in order to find the last unicorn, the keeper of good and happiness.


Puzzle_ManiaThe game features only one mode, the one with a story. And the story tells you that there used to be a lot of unicorns in this world but now there is only one left.


It's your task to find it in order to save the world from diseases and droughts. So now you get into the Woods of the Ancient Kingdom in order to find it.


In order to find the unicorn, the keeper of good and happiness, you need to collect all of the totems that are 8 in total as well as go through a great number of jigsaw puzzles.


The pieces of the pictures go around the pictures and you have to be fast enough in placing them.


Puzzle_ManiaThe game itself goes this way. You get a beautiful nature scene divided into pieces.


The pieces of the picture go around the picture along the special way.


You are just to pick them up from there and place somewhere on the picture. The pieces keep moving slowly.


So you need to be quite fast in order to get them on the picture before they reach the end of the way. The first few levels are way too easy and relaxing though.


Every few levels you are to play a game to collect a totem. It would usually be a picture of an animal. The picture gets divides into squares and then the squares get turned over. So your task is to get the picture back again.


The power-ups will help you a lot in your jigsaw journey.


Puzzle_ManiaThere are power-ups in the game to help you a bit. They just appear on the screen, on one of the pieces.


You get them by placing a piece that must be in that place. From that moment the power-up you got is activated for the next piece.


It can be, for example, a Tip power-up that will make a place for the next piece you take glitter.


Magnet power-up will draw the piece to its place. The blocked pieces may also happen on the picture. These are darkened places for pieces. You can only place a piece in there after having placed all of the surrounding pieces.


The pictures you get in the game are really amazing. The game itself is quite relaxing, not extremely challenging. It can be good for children and for those who pursue relaxed games, not the ones that make your heart beat faster.

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Game Review   2007-12-28


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