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Game Review   2009-06-28


Quilting_TimeQuilting Time -Creative Challenge


Quilting Time is one of the latest releases developed and published by Jenkat Games. If you are interested in this kind of activity - quilting - then the game will be more interesting for you, than if you want just a puzzler.


The challenge level won't be a dissapointment though for those who might think that the old lady in a picture means s-l-o-w.




You are to help the enthusiastic Grandma Giddywinks make lots and lots of patchwork quilts. 


Quilting_TimeYou start off by choosing one of the four modes three of which are locked for you at the beginning. Only the first mode has  different difficulty levels for you to choose. Later game play modes rely on strict penalties and tight time limits, where you race against the clock to discover the patterns.


Each level begins with Grandma Giddywinks offering you a range of fabrics of different colors.


She tells you the number of those you are to choose for a level. Then you get the working board.


You have a quilt partly filled with the pieces and you are tof inish it by dragging pieces of all forms from the left. If you can place a highlighted piece in your quilt, you earn extra points. Every quilt has its own special pattern, which varies in complexity.


Quilting_TimeThe pieces that you are to place on the quilt are queued up and you can't proceed if you haven't found the places for the three given.


The pieces become more complex as you get farther in the game. Plus the rules become more tough as you reach other modes.


The time clock puts a lot of extra pressure into the game. You can play in relaxed more for the first section, but not for the speed sections. At times, it was nearly impossible to unlock the next game play mode.


The visuals are very simple, and there's no music or special effects. The sound effects are sparse, and mostly involve the praise or reproach of Grandma Giddywinks.


At first the game may seem too simple, but give it a try and play a bit longer to see what it really all about. The trials are for this after all.


If you like challenging games that make you think, this one can be a great deal of fun. 


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Game Review   2009-06-28


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