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Game Review   2007-01-18


Botanical Match-3 Puzzle

Rainbow Mystery -  Botanical Match-3 Puzzle


After training with a wise enchantress in the woods, Lily comes back home and finds that her village is cursed: to break the spells, a young fairy has to solve a match-3 flower puzzle.




Similar to all games of the swap-and-match type, your task is to make a line three or more flowers of the same kind.


3 flowers of a kind should be matched in a lineOnce the flowers are matched, blooms explode scoring you points.


New flowers are added to the playing field filling their places.


The more flowers you blow up at one stroke, the greater bonuses you get.


But mind that in order that you get combos, flowers must be matched in a straight line.





Some flowers are locked inside colored cells. To pass to the next level you have collect all multicolored frames by popping up flowers of the same color inside them.


Some flowers are locked inside colored cells


Colored cells will be added to magic elixir which will help you to break the curse.


Once the matched cells explode, curse-breaking ingredient is added to magic elixir.


To pass the level you have to gather a target number of ingredients. So try to pop up as many flowers as possible before freeing the final cell.


Occasionally you'll come across one of 14 trophies, for example a key.  You need to "push" it to the lowest cell in the column and it will be yours. 


Magic key is universal - it opens all doors on Lily's way. Once you maneuvered the key to the bottom of the puzzle by creating matches beneath it, the level is over. Apart from pleasant surprises, you'll come across some obstacles like locked ingredient cells. To unlock them you must match the flower locked inside them.


Classical mode adds momentum to slowly-paced Relax game while Dual mode introduces an element of competition to the Rainbow Mystery.


14 trophies are to be found in Rainbow MysteryThere are 3 modes in the game: In Classical mode, the time for matching is limited. Relax mode suggests unlimited gameplay while in the Dual mode you can fight with a mystical magician. Music and graphics with 3D elements are amazing and well selected to create the atmosphere of a fairy land tainted by evil spell.


System requirements: Win 98/ME/2000/XP, 800MHz or faster Processor, 256MB RAM, DirectX Version: 7.0


The gameplay is relaxed and simple, perhaps too simple - it somehow lacks a ‘twist' and power-ups that could significantly change the course of the game, that's why it quickly palls on you.



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Game Review   2007-01-18


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