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Game Review   2010-02-02


Rhianna Ford and The Da Vinci Letter


Rhianna Ford and The Da Vinci LetterBig Fish presents another hidden object game with a beautiful, smart and rather dashing woman as its main character. The objective of solving a mystery and finding a treasure also doesn’t boast originality. Still the personality of the great master of the Renaissance will obviously never lose its charm especially if enriched with a relic haunt on the settings of a magnificent antique city.

Well, it is not only Da Vinci who is good in keeping secrets.


Rhianna Ford and The Da Vinci LetterRhianna Ford, an antiquity expert of the British Museum , lives her not that eventful life in a comfortable apartment in London , devoting infrequent spare hours to her little beloved daughter River, reading and meditating. And just in one of those blessed moments an unexpected call from her boss, Cornelius Blake, distracts her and turns her measured world upside down. An ancient letter, supposedly written by genius Da Vinci himself, is to be put up for auction in a short while, and it is Rhianna who must confirm its authenticity before the museum decides to bet. The job would certainly sound extremely fascinating and alluring if not for one minor detail. The document is in Rome , the only city the woman is afraid of visiting, the very city her husband disappeared in without a trace just a year before. However, as Rhianna, you don’t actually have a choice because your irritable chief doesn’t really care about your family problems. More then that, he puts a demand – take it or leave it! So, there’s nothing for it but to grab your suitcase and start preparing for the journey.


Rhianna Ford and The Da Vinci LetterFirst of all, you must find someone to look after your kid daughter and pack her and your own things. Clothes, food, school books, toys, various samples for chemical analyses… Though, frankly speaking not all the items you are to find seem quite reasonable. Some of them, like a bottle of wine or a butterfly, appear rather unexpected for a woman planning a business trip abroad. One way or another, you take your ticket, solve the question with a hotel, go to the airport and arrive to the city of Rome, mysterious and grand. The elderly Head of the Department of Antiquities, courteous Francesco Gambini, sees you off to the lab to test the still sealed letter. But the moment you are going to read it, infused by the startling discovery, someone unseen attacks you. And as if it wasn’t bad enough, when you regain consciousness you find the letter is gone. As well as the lab assistant. And you are under suspicion… Prove yourself innocent, reveal the secret of the letter and explore the ancient capital of Italy in this new hidden object quest.


Rhianna Ford and The Da Vinci LetterThe first thing a player may pay attention to, and find it rather disappointing, is that the sound and the picture in all the movies do not actually concur. Though, if you are not in the habit of watching them anyway, you won’t be stunned to get an almost pure HOg with a rechargeable hint button and a few not much challenging mini-games, which more than that may be skipped. Still it’s just the beginning. As you progress, a number of bonuses are unlocked, so, even if you are not the fan of the genre you won’t feel bored. I guess, taking into account the rank of the developer, the graphics and sounds don’t require special comments. As well as anything else about the game. Better try it yourself and express you view.


Rhianna Ford and The Da Vinci Letter is another colourful HOG to kill your time even if you don’t really have plenty of it.

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Game Review   2010-02-02


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This is Rhianna Ford and The Da Vinci Letter review. Download this game here.