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Game Review   2007-08-17


Sally's SalonSally's Salon Game Review


Seems like time-management games slowly increase the area of their application - from restaurant business they move to beauty industry. So, as we follow them from the crowded and stuffy diners into shiny high-class boutiques, hair dressing salons, and clothes stores, we're meeting a new time-management game developed by Café Games and presented by Real Arcade.


Welcome to Sally's Salon - one of the pioneer hair dressing salons that experiment in time-management area.


I am not saying it's the first because the pioneer game from the beauty industry based on the time-management principle is Belle's Beauty Boutique. Frankly, Sally's Salon is much alike the latter title, at least in terms of goals you are to achieve.


In Sally's Salon, you are to make all of your customers of different age, gender and social status beautiful. You are to take care of their hair, dye and dry it, cut it, reshape their eyebrows, make manicure and do everything to keep them satisfied in any possible way.


Sally's SalonAll of your customers will want to:

  1. Have their hair washed

  2. Have their hair cut;

  3. Have it dyed.

  4. Have it dried with a hair dryer.

  5. Need a manicure

  6. Need to change the shape of their eyebrows.

  7. And good for you, customers need to be cashed out.


So, you will start your business having just one sit for hair washing and drying, and a couple of sits for hair cut.


Sally's SalonThe point of this game is to serve your customers at preset sits and stations.


When a customer asks for another service, you are to drag it to the corresponding sit or station.


Similarly to other micromanagement games you are to always think ahead and prescribe new tasks as you are currently busy doing something else. This is the only way to achieve the goal set on each level.


But the brand new feature of this game is that you are to choose the hair cut and hair color your customer will like most.


Sally's SalonAnd this is pretty challenging as you are trying to multitask and serve all the customers.


Once you sit a customer who wants his/her hair cut or dyed, a menu will appear in the middle of the screen. You are to click through the offered haircuts or colors and understand which one fits your customer best.


You can define it by the facial expression of the customer on this screen.


If this crazy old lady is smiling broadly with Lilac Blue Bob- let it be. Just give her what she wants and make her look like a crazy teenager. The customer is always right.


As you play on and earn more money, you will be able to get more upgrades to facilitate your job like coffee machine to brew drinks for your customers, more staff to help you with hair washing and drying while you'll be working with haircuts and eye-brow reshaping.


Sally's SalonSimilarly to all other games in every level you will have to reach the set money goals - minimum and expert. Be sure not to lose any of your customers and not to keep somebody for a long time at any sit or station.


A good decision will be to hire the apprentice hair dryers and washers when you earn enough to afford paying them.


With each level, the number of stations will increase along with the number of services you will have to provide to your customers.


If you come up with a dynamic and far-reaching strategy, you will have to grow your business and move from the suburb mall to the downtown area, promising you better earnings.


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Game Review   2007-08-17


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