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Game Review   2007-08-17


Sally's SalonSally's Salon Game Review


Seems like time-management games slowly increase the area of their application - from restaurant business they move to beauty industry. So, as we follow them from the crowded and stuffy diners into shiny high-class boutiques, hair dressing salons, and clothes stores, we're meeting a new time-management game developed by Café Games and presented by Real Arcade.


Welcome to Sally's Salon - one of the pioneer hair dressing salons that experiment in time-management area.


I am not saying it's the first because the pioneer game from the beauty industry based on the time-management principle is Belle's Beauty Boutique. Frankly, Sally's Salon is much alike the latter title, at least in terms of goals you are to achieve.


In Sally's Salon, you are to make all of your customers of different age, gender and social status beautiful. You are to take care of their hair, dye and dry it, cut it, reshape their eyebrows, make manicure and do everything to keep them satisfied in any possible way.


Sally's SalonAll of your customers will want to:

  1. Have their hair washed

  2. Have their hair cut;

  3. Have it dyed.

  4. Have it dried with a hair dryer.

  5. Need a manicure

  6. Need to change the shape of their eyebrows.

  7. And good for you, customers need to be cashed out.


So, you will start your business having just one sit for hair washing and drying, and a couple of sits for hair cut.


Sally's SalonThe point of this game is to serve your customers at preset sits and stations.


When a customer asks for another service, you are to drag it to the corresponding sit or station.


Similarly to other micromanagement games you are to always think ahead and prescribe new tasks as you are currently busy doing something else. This is the only way to achieve the goal set on each level.


But the brand new feature of this game is that you are to choose the hair cut and hair color your customer will like most.


Sally's SalonAnd this is pretty challenging as you are trying to multitask and serve all the customers.


Once you sit a customer who wants his/her hair cut or dyed, a menu will appear in the middle of the screen. You are to click through the offered haircuts or colors and understand which one fits your customer best.


You can define it by the facial expression of the customer on this screen.


If this crazy old lady is smiling broadly with Lilac Blue Bob- let it be. Just give her what she wants and make her look like a crazy teenager. The customer is always right.


As you play on and earn more money, you will be able to get more upgrades to facilitate your job like coffee machine to brew drinks for your customers, more staff to help you with hair washing and drying while you'll be working with haircuts and eye-brow reshaping.


Sally's SalonSimilarly to all other games in every level you will have to reach the set money goals - minimum and expert. Be sure not to lose any of your customers and not to keep somebody for a long time at any sit or station.


A good decision will be to hire the apprentice hair dryers and washers when you earn enough to afford paying them.


With each level, the number of stations will increase along with the number of services you will have to provide to your customers.


If you come up with a dynamic and far-reaching strategy, you will have to grow your business and move from the suburb mall to the downtown area, promising you better earnings.


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Game Review   2007-08-17


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Chelle  2008-01-03 14:15:25
I love this game its addictive :)

ivanina  2008-01-04 07:36:15
basi igrata zako e s vreme mn e qka oba4e tfa vreme e mn gadno kajete mi molq kade q ima taq igra no bez vreme izob6to ako q ima nqkade 6toto taman kato se zaigrae 4ovek i q spirate zako molq pomognete mi !

Kitty  2008-06-16 04:25:09

nica  2008-06-07 04:04:30

yndiah  2008-02-16 18:33:29
it is a very good game

taylan  2008-02-02 04:44:20

Catherine  2008-01-25 18:07:45
Je ne suis plus capable de dcrocher!! It is possible to get the free version of this game!! Like everybody i also loke them!!

lea  2008-01-06 16:47:39
great game!why can not,free downloads of full version?

seansangel88  2008-05-24 12:35:30

chelsea  2008-05-17 07:21:08
hello people

Dudett  2008-04-21 10:29:46
Ausomee Gamee.

THE best game,!

Can you get a full version for free.?

Mary  2008-02-22 12:05:45
I'm from Italy but I like this game.

Amberly  2008-02-22 16:47:39
This games is sincerely awesome I could play it forever and I would just love to have the full version so very much.Actually its very addictive!Hee Hee!

hanielyn  2008-04-06 16:01:03
i like to buy but i dont know how to buy

Amanda  2008-04-12 17:20:37
I'm truly madly deeply in love with this game, i've played this game over 3219707095342741542558741152574258886224785 times ROFLROFL.


Alex  2008-04-16 07:18:30
OMGG this game is sosososo addictive. It's the best game I have everrr played. I think its a complete pile of crap how you have to pay for the full version - eventhough its such a fab game. Owell thats life. Greedy twats out there initt (: anywaays cya! x

Emily__oX  2008-03-26 07:25:18
Heyyy ..
IHave ALready Played This Game On A Different Site, But I Was Wondering If It Is An Hours Play On Here Too..?

Hannah  2008-04-01 13:38:20
i luvd dis gaiim its reeli eazii peazii

Moro  2008-03-09 01:08:15
woooooooooooo love the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

salma  2008-03-10 00:40:35
i love Sally's Salon it is ma best game

zoey  2008-02-27 18:02:42
i love this game...i WISH I HAD THE FULLLLL VIRSION..

я α н ιι є__χσ  2008-02-29 02:58:21
love this game!!!! itz very addictive! but y cant u cant u get th full version????????

trezzure  2007-08-23 10:26:05
good game

yo  2007-08-31 11:49:01

Aliaa Sakinah  2007-09-03 22:45:21
Cant I got the full vershion

tanja  2007-09-04 11:43:40

memo  2007-09-06 08:38:36
greet gameeeee

krasssi  2007-09-08 05:51:59
syper games

Trish  2007-12-28 07:27:00
Hi! im portuguese and here in Portugal we dont have this game! I cant get the full version because i dont have a visa card! please give me the full version
!! =( I love this game

Martyna  2007-12-21 11:40:10
i Love this game...but i want a full version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


heatrooke  2007-09-15 09:56:09
i absoulutly positively lllllllllllllloooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee this game!!!

gorgeous  2007-09-13 08:26:43
great game

Kp  2007-09-22 16:02:53
this is the coolest game in the world i never get tired of playing it but why can't u just give us the full version

angela  2007-10-07 12:21:51
This a short game but I got to the last level.

Keasey  2007-10-07 13:34:38
my daughter loves the game.

but we don't have a credit card to pay!!

can you give us a full version for a year?



Nellie  2007-10-17 23:04:46
I Love This Game....
Please give me a full version

Badriah Aisyah  2007-10-21 08:48:48
this game is fun.please give me the full version.i want to play the game untill the last level.please let me.i hope u will gave me the want i want.

Jenny  2007-11-22 20:47:00
hihihiihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihhihihihih!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like smileys (: hehe (: hehehehehehehehe hahahahaha LMHO LOL hahahhahahahahah

Jenny  2007-11-22 20:49:00
hihihiihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihhihihihih!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like smileys (: hehe (: hehehehehehehehe hahahahaha LMHO LOL hahahhahahahahah

Jenny  2007-11-22 20:49:11
hihihiihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihhihihihih!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like smileys (: hehe (: hehehehehehehehe hahahahaha LMHO LOL hahahhahahahahah

semens  2007-12-12 04:40:49
i love you nillie

molly  2008-07-07 15:53:32
i LOVE sally's Salon. it is the best.

Megan  2008-07-17 14:50:22
Properrrrr Love This Game Yenoo (L) x

olgui  2008-08-13 19:02:12
el juego esta muy bueno

koyklitsa4ever  2008-07-28 08:39:43
re paidia pws paizete ayto to paixnidi giati den kserw peita moy enas nte

koyklitsa4ever  2008-07-28 08:41:01
speak greece in that page???

evaa  2008-08-19 11:58:24
can I get full version for free beacuse its the best game on the world

chloerocks  2008-07-29 10:21:10
i love this game it is so fun

beautiful  2008-08-01 20:05:14
its awesome

anna  2008-08-29 17:17:23
pleas tell, where can i get the full version for free?i'm from latvia in here isn't such thing as visa cart or something!

jessica  2008-10-27 20:41:32
this game is better the the uther games that r in sallons

cece  2008-11-02 11:14:29

chan  2008-11-04 16:04:58
Why can't we get the full version if we download it??

Its a fin game and its not fair to have only and hour to play =[

ANNA  2008-11-07 11:47:28

novii  2008-11-10 08:20:45
good, iam very like this game, thank youu

Samantha  2008-11-24 16:46:10
This is an awesome game.

dontae  2008-12-24 18:41:47
the game is fun

dontae  2008-12-24 18:43:46
my numder to jeesisa the games is fun

iftekhar  2009-01-15 23:54:59
best funy games thank you

sweety  2009-03-26 01:06:02
hey ilove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)it is smiey

jelissa  2009-03-30 06:59:47
am from grenada (caribbean) and i love this game sweettttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manuri  2009-04-22 02:41:27
This is the best game i have ever play.

nariman melouky  2009-05-28 15:59:14
its a great game i have ever played ,its greattttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

ariuka  2009-07-07 23:53:17
I m from Mongolia. I love this game very much. but I want the full version in free. Why can't you do that??????????????????????

reham  2009-08-17 08:29:54
hey iam an arabic person i like to join to you

angelica  2009-12-05 05:46:33
i wish i can have the full version of this game...

is there any site that can give a full version for free?

zin  2009-11-25 03:16:41
like so much

emily  2009-12-12 07:52:07
i wish i can have full version
i like so much

Franchesca   2009-12-17 17:16:27
this is the best game ever !

Sheilla  2009-12-18 05:44:44
did anybody have the activation code for this game ???

ajeng  2009-12-25 11:30:15
give me the full version,love the games so much!

anmol  2010-01-09 07:00:02
this is the best game ever

nadii  2010-02-06 13:57:33
i havnt played it but the game isnt der how dum

jenny ann  2010-03-25 03:15:59
i really love this game!!!can you please give me the full version?!

sheryl  2010-05-01 10:49:58
Hmm..What shal u say..wel thiz game is actali entertaining and i like it lols

kunal  2010-11-06 11:49:15
good game jaikishen

shelby  2011-01-01 14:07:03
this is a very good game..

mya  2011-04-06 02:01:01
i want a full version ! i never get a full version ! I WANT IT SOO BAD FOR 4 YEARS !

cutie:)  2011-03-29 02:08:31
Where is the GAME BUTTON here?. .

Babyt-t  2011-07-05 08:11:11
this is such a fun game lol u guys should buy it man its that good

alwan  2011-12-02 06:45:48

Florence  2012-01-10 11:17:36
I don't even know what to say, this made things so much eiaesr!

Jenny  2012-01-10 12:46:36
You've really impressed me with that asnwer!

ThomasVor  2019-09-12 05:20:40
Приветик всем, я тут новенький "352"

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