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Game Review   2010-01-01


Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis - The relic rush continues

Samantha Swift: Mystery from AtlantisMumbo Jumbo has presented the next sequel of the successful HOG series following Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena and Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch. The players familiar with previous two games is sure to notice the difference from the first sight... and be pleased with the shifts.


Not all that glitters is gold.

And not only material things may be considered a treasure. This time the brave archeologist Samantha leaves for a distant Escimo village in Alasca in the search of an sacred native totem described to her by Dr. Butler. The so-called Totem of Light is said to have been a chain between our world and the world of spirits. Though, as you understand from the title, the ancient artifact is nothing but a key to even greater mystery you are to reveal.

Samantha Swift: Mystery from AtlantisSo, at the beginning you find yourself in a deserted village and have to find a number of items which you might need in your tiresome traveling over the Arctic Circle. Some of them appear quiet reasonable while others you wouldn't rather pack in your rucksack in reality. The list of the objects to be fount is given in the bottom panel, so that you could see your progress. Nevertheless not all of them are meant to bring you a few score point. Some objects, as, for instance, a fan or a key, fly right into your inventory to help you finding the items which are genially hidden. In your list they are marked with blue. That's it! In most part... Though, don't be sure that you'll manage with the task easily as the objects are not only trickily hidden in the locations but even not less trickily mentioned in the list. So, beat your brains out to solve it!

Samantha Swift: Mystery from AtlantisAs usual, the developer didn't leave you alone with the problem and provided a couple of hints at the player's disposal. A common hint, looking like a lightning will just point at the very thing you are searching for – you are just to specify the item clicking at it in the list. More than that, in each of the locations  you may find a bonus hint flash. Another helpful device is an object scanner to show you an outline of the missing thing. In addition every other location (and there are about 40 of them) conceals a pair of swifts. Upon collecting all of the birds a bonus hidden object playing mode to be chosen in the main menu becomes available.

Samantha Swift: Mystery from AtlantisSamantha's PDA is always at hand to call to you partners in this dangerous journey or to visit a museum and rejoice seeing you findings among its most valuable pieces. The skin and the colour of the the device is custom, so feel free to change it to better suit your mood and individuality.

Taking into account all the pros and cons of the game, the general impression of this sequel is frankly not that high. As it was mentioned above, the difference is felt from the first minutes – it consists in the graphics and mechanics changes. Still common mini-games and the lack of animation don't score for the best esteem. Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis is obviously an advance comparing to the previous games of the series but generally it turns out “just another Hog”.

A gift for Samantha's fan and game is worth trying to kill a couple of spare hours.

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Game Review   2010-01-01


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