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Game Review   2010-02-09


Sarah Maribu and the Lost World

Sarah Maribu and the Lost World free game downloadIf the words “The Lost World” remind you of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Michael Crichton, then you would probably guess what it is all about. Especially if you thought of the letter. For the new release of ERS G-Studio is going to involve you in a dangerous adventure, a perilous journey around a tropical island full of dinosaurs, where a human must mind his every step. However, as it usually happens, problems find you wherever you are even if you are rather tricky in escaping them.

Searching for man in jungles is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Sarah Maribu and the Lost World free game downloadBut aren’t you here for a HOG? As Sarah Maribu you fly to a distant island lost somewhere in the ocean and accompanied by your dear husband Michael. You restless grandfather, aware of your itch for extreme and adventures has invited you to spend a couple of days close to nature, in a primeval forest. As already mentioned above, the jungles are inhabited by the ancient giants, but not only. So, almost as soon as good Uncle John, who had kindly given them a lift on his helicopter, leaves them to make a camp, Michael disappears. Oh, those guys, you should always keep an eye on them. Though, unfortunately, you have nothing to do but to start looking for your beloved husband alone and in passing feed all those pretty graminivorous lizards and hide from the predators. To crown it all Sarah Maribu and the Lost World free game downloadin a while the local volcano is going to provide you with breathtaking firework show, so, you’d better move on.

As the quest is of hidden object type, you wouldn’t rather be surprised to see lots of various things in each other location. Nevertheless, taking into account that the island is almost desert (not in climatic meaning, of course) and quite unfriendly – to put it mildly­ ­– you can’t help wondering who on earth has brought all that clutter there! Anyway, while you find the objects on the right, some of them automatically get into your inventory, in order to be used later on. He place to apply them to or to be examined are marked with light golden glittering near the cursor when you hover it on the place. Clicking on it will provide you with a prompt Sarah Maribu and the Lost World free game downloadwhat should be done round there. Indispensable recharging hint button will draw your attention to a proper object or a place. If the mini-games do not require any items from your inventory they are almost sure to be skippable. Although they do not feature originality, the developers has definitely concerned themselves with nice graphics to attend them.

In such way little by little you move forward into the depths of the island with a map in your hands losing and finding again Michael’s trace, thinking what could have taken him so far from you and approaching the heart of this mystery. One minor disappointing detail is that the locations you visit (or the levels you unlock) are not named. Add that wile completing the previous chapter you are not always told where you should go next Sarah Maribu and the Lost World free game downloadand why your husband might have chosen that very way. Let me remind you that it’s the first time you both here on this island and he doesn’t have a map.

Still all that plot issues are no much than details that do not spoil the taste and spirit of the game. Nor the pleasure you will surely get from it. The players are not pressed for time in order to gain larger score (you have engaged in this venture for less pragmatic aim). No pure hidden object play mode is available to unlock? Well, are you sure you would like to take such a trip twice? To my mind, the creators have provided just enough hidden object gameplay in order to satisfy the fans of the genre and not to let the others let bored. Graphics? Unusual and, thus, fresh, though you must have already paid attention to the screenshots. Music? Unobtrusive, as developers always try to select one. Try and taste it yourself.

For those who love taking a journey to strange and curious places (and who doesn’t) Sarah Maribu and the Lost World is going to become a good present.

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Game Review   2010-02-09


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This is Sarah Maribu and the Lost World review. Download this game here.