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Game Review   2010-02-26


Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island - All A Game Needs To Be A Success

Secret Mission: The Forgotten IslandOne of the latest novelties of the casual world is at your disposal and for your approval. An orgy of colourful and surprisingly vivid graphics won't let you stay indifferent to it. One can easy see that developers have made the game with all their hearts as from the very first moment you realise that it's been created to be enjoyed. That's what you actually keep doing during whole the time of playing.

The plot-line begins with a research scientist's plane has taken off to deliver her to the destination point of her top secret mission.

Secret Mission: The Forgotten IslandIt was all about an island which had suddenly been discovered in the Bermuda Triangle which had to be explored and documented before the news went public. Rogue scientists said this was the Hutchison Effect. And that this bizarre island was the same one Columbus and his crew witnessed vanishing hundreds of years ago. The island was only 150 from the aircraft carrier. But as it descended, the mythic electronic fog engulfed the plane making it careening for the island. As the navigation system also went haywire, the researcher had no choice but to bail.

So, here you are on this deserted island where the storm stopped as suddenly as it began. All your equipment is scattered across the island and seems to be out of order when you find it, so one of your tasks along with hidden object scenes will be a kind of a quest which means that you have to find objects or their separate parts and apply them somehow to proceed further in the game. It is actually commonly used in all the recent games of this genre. You can rarely stumble upon a game which makes you play hidden object scenes only.

Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island
So, in a short time it becomes obvious that the island has serioous mystical capabilities. Not only it appears out of the thin air but shows you visions from the past under certain conditions. Step by step you come to the conclusion that there is an evil spell cast on the island and you seem the only one who can help to uncover the mystery. You can do it in two modes which you select at the very beginning of the game. Easy mode has a tutorial option, additional help and quicker rechargeable hints, while the Hard one provides you with no tutorial, still it offers you some limited help and hints which take more time to recharge.

By the way, speaking of hints, it needs to be mentioned that there are a couple of Secret Mission: The Forgotten Islandblue quartz crystals in each hidden object location which give you an additional hint if you find them. So, watch out! Though I personally used hints very seldom as items are easy enough to be noticed. After you complete a hidden object location, you are given an item which may come in handy soon. A good piece of advice is to follow sparkles - these good friends of yours will indicate areas to pay your attention to. In case you forgot what you are to do, just look at the right bottom corner of the screen where there is a list with uncompleted tasks for each location. What really brought me some happiness is minigames. I couldn't let me skip them, so captivating they are. Do not expect them to be boring this time; no, it's not that case!

As you may guessed from the review above, this game has everything to be able to compete with its unnumbered rivals, so be sure you'll find all modern features it it as well as nice music and unforgettable gorgeous graphics to make your choice it its favour.

So, keep collecting crystals and surving further course of events!

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Game Review   2010-02-26


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Satish  2012-04-06 23:35:35
9-7-11f7ee7eely كتب: monkey beach إسم الشاطيء لكن الجزيره لها إسم ثاني نسيته و maya beach هو الشاطيء اللي تم فيه تصوير فيلم the beach اللي مثل فيه andelroo dicaprio هل التعليق مفيد؟

Rodrigo  2012-11-24 09:38:12
Melita - Pragmatika den exw logia na ekfrasw thn syignisi pou mou prokalesan aytes oi ekpliktikes fotografies! einai ontws mia poly kalh douleia! bravo sto fotografiko team gia ayto to katapliktiko apotelesma,pou dystixws me kanei na stenaxwriemai akoma perissotero pou den eimoun ekei na xarw mazi sas paidia! Costa kia Afroditi sas agapaw poly kai sas eyxomai gia akoma mia fora na eiste panta eytixismenoi ki erwteymenoi oso eisastan ekeinh thn yperoxh mera!

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