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Game Review   2008-01-07


Secrets of OlympusSecrets of Olympus - Enjoyable Matching


Secrets of Olympus - a matching game from Codeturbine.


You are to match the pieces to break all the tiles within the time limit.




Match at least three pieces of the same color to break the tiles and get to the next level.


Secrets of OlympusThe game is represented by a board with pieces of different colors.


Some of the tiles behind the pieces are wooden or metal.


Your task is to break all the tiles. The tiles break when you match at least three pieces of the same color on them.


The metal tiles turn into wooden ones before they break.


You are to clear the board within a time limit. The game is full of power-ups and spells which are very helpful.


You have to choose not only the mode: Adventure or Relaxed, but also the way you want to match the pieces: by swapping or by clicking.


Secrets of OlympusThere are two modes in the game: Adventure and Relaxed.


The difference is only in the amount of time given to clear the board from tiles.


In the Relaxed Mode you are given some more time, so that you could think of the ways to get more points.


The great thing is that you are to choose not only the mode to play, but also the way you want to match the pieces. You can choose whether it'll be swapping or clicking.


And you are to choose that not in the beginning of the game only, but before each level. So, actually you can play both in turns.


Use all the spells to progress through levels faster.


Secrets of OlympusThe game is full of power-ups that are represented by spells on the left bar.


Only two of them are available from the very beginning.


The rest of them is unlocked by getting the keys during the game.


The spells can be used once blue stuff that fills up the spells bar reaches the level of the spells.


The blue stuff gets higher as you match more and more pieces.


There is also dynamite that appears on the board to blow up the adjacent area.


You get it when you match a great number of pieces. You don't have to use it once it appeared, so if there are good combinations you can match without dynamite, match them.


Use the dynamite when there are no groups of one color around.


You have to succeed in a mini-game in a Chamber of Secret to get extra points.


Secrets of OlympusThere is also a bonus level in a Chamber of Secret.


You get extra points if you succeed in this level.


The task of this level is to guess the word that is hidden.


You get only two letters and a area the word belongs. You can try your luck only 6 times.


Secrets of Olympus is a highly polished matching game to keep anyone interested for a long time.

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Game Review   2008-01-07


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