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Game Review   2011-02-24


Shop-N-Spree: Family Fortune


Shopping, shopping, shopping.  It seems to be loved by most people, especially if there is an opportunity to do it in a huge store with different departments. Being involved in the real process of buying you sometimes are sometimes faced with the difficulty to find items in the shop. Well, in Shop-N-Spree: Family Fortune, looking for the goods you will stumble upon the same problem. This game is a mix of two popular genres - hidden object and time management in so closed way that it is even difficult to say what you are to do more to seek or to serve.  It is probably may be called - serving by seeking.



In this game you assume the role of a girl, whose mother retires and leaves the retail business to her.

She starts working as a new executive of a store without much work experience. Whether she works successfully and is be able to revolutionize this business depends on you.

There are two modes that you can choose: Timed (recommended for time management fans) and Untimed,  that puts no pressure on you.

You start with the first department called Bakery and Desserts. Customers arrive along the bottom of the screen with wish-lists of what they want to buy, and you must find the item on the shelf and drag it over to the customer. Each department of the store has Hint items hidden throughout the area. Whenever you have trouble finding anything you can use a hint.

A new twist is that there is a Super Hints that reveal up to 3 items per use. All the hints will come in handy because from one hand the majority of items are laid out quite carefully on the shelves, but on the other hand even skilled players of hidden object games might get a little bit frustrated  when the particular scene is just too cluttered to find object easily.


In this case you may find helpful the fact that the loading screen before each level shows you pictures of some of the items and you can memorize what they look like.

One more positive thing is that customers don't lose patience so you can take as long as you need to find the items. And there are always three customers at a time, so even if you get stuck on one you can move to the others and just leave the other one alone without any consequences.

Be prepared to do a bit of hunting in order to find not only  what the customer wants. For building new departments you will need definite amount of the upgrade stars, and they are also hidden.   There is an additional way for you to get more upgrade starts. When any department has a special event you can see the notifier seal at the top left, choose Recommended for more starts and Promotion for special bonus. 

If wouldn't be a time management game if you mustn't reach the daily sales goal to continue. And again you have to seek x2-tags or x3-tags they correspondingly double or triple the money, when you fulfill the customer's request. Or you may please customers and get extra money as well. For example: give him or her the item of the same color as customer wears if  he doesn't specify color.

In between levels you are offered to carry out  cute bonus tasks and mini games. They are not only a nice change of scenario and add some variety to the experience, but also let you award extra hints or stars. Once you beat the game, all mini-games become unlocked and playable from the main menu.


The graphics are fun, the tasks are rather challenging, sound effects are quite natural – it is pleasing to hear when your satisfied buyers thank you. Shop-N-Spree: Family Fortune may captivate you for many hours.

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Game Review   2011-02-24


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poula  2011-03-12 06:07:06
Pretty good game, very colorful, addictive. I enjoyed the mini games. It was fun and different.

Willie  2012-01-10 18:17:16
The genius store called, they're rnuning out of you.

Tassilyn  2012-09-09 05:51:12
Great aitrcle, thank you again for writing.

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