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Game Review   2007-05-25


Snapshot AdventuresSnapshot Adventures -  a mix of hidden object gamу and bird life simulator

Snapshot Adventures is a fantastic game for both casual gamers and shooting fans. In this game you are to discover the secret of Bird Island and your grandfather's disappearance. You have to meet your grandfather's friends and make tons of pics of all kinds of birds around America to meet this goal.


Your grandfather's friends that you meet one by one will help you to solve the mystery and supply you with special items.


Snapshot AdventuresIn each round you meet one of your grandfather's friends, who gives you some useful information about you grandfather and tell you what kind of birds they want you to photograph. After the task is completed he or she directs you to another place to meet the next person. Each of them gives you some additional tools like Identifier, Coffee Thermos, Magic Birdseed, etc. All of them will help you to modify your camera or to affect the birds' behavior. This will be very helpful for taking higher scoring pics.


With the help of only your mouse you can enjoy taking pictures of all kinds of birds.


Snapshot AdventuresPhotographing itself is very easy  - with help of your mouse only. You just have to aim your camera at a bird in the viewfinder and click.


Having taken the required number of pics of a specific bird you get additional tasks from your grandfather's friend to get bonus points. His or her task may require you to take a picture of a motionless bird or of a bird in action.


You can also take any photographs you want apart from the ones from the task. There are also some signs that can help you to take a good pic showing if the bird is eating or preening, for example.


Just like a professional photographer you are to assess your pictures after every round.


Snapshot AdventuresAfter the first round you are taught how to assess the quality of your photographs. According to those parameters each photograph is rated. You need to keep in mind those parameters because you are to decide which of the pictures you've taken you'll keep for your Field Journal.


After each round you check all the pictures you've taken. If you've taken a pic of a bird that is already in your journal, then you are to decide if you want to leave the old one or a new one. Here is where you are to use your knowledge of assessing the pics. You must be careful here as you are interested to leave the picture with the higher rate.


In one of the modes you can create your own bird and meet the birds created by other players.


Snapshot Adventures: Secret of Bird IslandSnapshot Adventures has two modes. In Story mode you are uncover the mystery of your father's disappearance, and in Create Your Bird mode you create a bird of your own. Here you are free to choose the details of a bird's body, head, wings, legs, its' name and a description of it. Having created a bird you can put it into the game. In this mode you've got a map of different places populated only with the birds created by you and other players. Here it feels like you are in a fantasy land full of non-existent but marvelous birds.


   Tips & tricks for Snapshot Adventures: Secret of Bird Island


  • Try to place a bird in the center of your camera frame and close enough to see the features for higher scoring pictures.

  • Taking a picture of a flying bird use all the tools you have to capture it with the wing span clearly seen.

  • Check the time and use your lens wisely.

  • Use Coffee for birds in motion, but if a bird is really fast it's better to use the stopwatch.

Snapshot Adventures is a great way to spend your time and improve your skills in photographing and bird observation.

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Game Review   2007-05-25


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Bev Higgs  2008-06-11 12:02:03
Love Secrets of Bird Island, played the trial, wish I could buy it but I have been out of work since June of 07.

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