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Game Review   2007-03-09


Solitaire PopSolitaire Pop - Creating Solitaire Hands at Ancient Ruins


Just fancy being one of those hired by Science museum to travel over the globe and search for new artifacts for museum collection. Archaeological expedition suggests visiting 5 real-life ancient sites, such as Delphi, Tikal and Xi'an, where lost artifacts are to be excavated shard by shard. This is what Solitaire Pop offers you.


As one sets on a quest, he is challenged to create solitaire hands in order to discover an artifact shard.


Solitaire PopAdventurous storyline is entwined with Solitaire game. At each level the playing field is divided into two parts: a grid of tiles with cards of different numbers and suits and a suit column showing you how many card are left and have to be removed from the playing field.



As in classical solitaire, the point of the game is to create hands of increasing size by clicking on adjacent tiles that form a sequential order.



It means that to create a hand, one has to click on cards of increasingly larger value, e.g. 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10, J, Q, K. Hands can include from 2 to 13 tiles. To double a value of a hand, the tiles should sequentially alternate between red and black suits. Pay attention at Aces - these cards can be used high (to pair with kings) or law (to pair 2s).


The objective of the game differs depending on its mode: in Expedition mode one has to remove all cards from the Suit Column, in Challenge mode cards are added to Suit column to complete the level.


Solitaire PopWhen making hands, one is sure to come across special tiles that are randomly added to the tile grid. Here are our tips and tricks concerning these special cards:

  • - Joker is a card that can change suit or value which helps much in forming a hand;

  • - Flux is a card changing suit to red or black depending on what the game requires;

  • - Score multipliers - cards multiplying the value of the hand twice or tree times;

Other power-ups:

  • - shuffle - shuffles all cards on the tile grid;

  • - color-wand - changes the card suit from black to red and vice versa;

  • - dynamite - pops up 5 any tiles (not necessary adjacent) removing them from the grid;

  • - exterminator - removes all perils from the grid.

Some special tiles appear only in a definite mode. Thus, a Suit column bomb is available only in Expedition mode, while in Challenge mode Lucky charm (a bonus tile that adds cards to Suit Column) appears.


Along with a handful of power-ups and bonus tiles, the game features lots of perils. 


Solitaire PopPerils are obstacles that block cards, freeze them or even cause the level to restart (if the Smoker peril reaches the bottom). 


There is also a level re-setter peril: when the timer runs out, the points collected during the current dig are lost.


As one proceeds through the game, he'll visit different dig sites and destinations. Each dig site has a Par (a definite number of tiles that is not to be exceeded before the dig is completed).


Meet or beat Tile Bar to get bonus points and unearth Bonus Artifacts. The player is challenged to unlock 4 bonus artifacts at 4 ancient sites. After each level the player is sent to archeological museum where all his findings (such as a shard of Ceramic pottery, for example) are collected.


Stunning graphics of multiple destinations and digging sites, relatively themed music and in-game museum with excavated artifacts create a unique mythology-inspired atmosphere of the game.


Two antithetical playing modes make and lots of power-ups together with obstacles make game challengingly interesting and addictive.

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Game Review   2007-03-09


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