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Game Review   2008-07-20


Spa_ManiaSpa Mania - High Speed Relaxation


The spa theme is not new for casual games. What is remarcable about Spa Mania is that it managed to combine both the challenge and the relaxation parts. You do need to be quick but at the same time you get into the relaxing atmosphere and get away from the real world.



Jade starts her own spa business fighting for the rights of the animals.



You play as a young girl full of enthusiasm and ambitions to protect the Earth and all its habitants.


So she starts her own earth-friendly spa business. Step by step the business grows and she finds herself in different spas all around the world for some reasons. The local that meets her in every new location teaches her something typical for his or her culture like special mexican mask.


This is represented in the form of a mini-game. This game can be played any time while in this location.



You see the same room every time but the style of the room depends on the country you are in. The part that can be customised is the look of your character.


Time-management part is very important for reaching the max goal here.


Spa_Mania Before every level you can go to the dress-up room and see what new colors for Jade's outfit are unlocked. It is a small detail but it's fun.


Your only task is to serve th customers that come. The customers represent different types of people like grandmas, mothers or even emo boys. Then there is also a helper in your spa. This guy stands with unhappy face waiting for your orders. I'm not sure why he is so angry, but he really is and you can see it on the screenshots. He is quite helpful though as it is his responsibiity to clean and prepare the baths.


When a customer comes you are to take him or her to the change cabin. Then you take him or her to whatever he or she wants. There are several types of procedures like massage or facials or bath.


The main trick that i figured out is to learn to line up your actions. You see there are things that you can make with your mouse and those that take Jade. So you should check first of all where she is needed and click her there. And then you can do the things that can be done with a mouse. It is essential because it takes less time for you to drag somebody somewhere than for her to do facials or massage.


I really enjoyed the game even though it doesn't bring anything totally new tothe genre.












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Game Review   2008-07-20


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