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Game Review   2008-02-22


Sparkle intro

Sparkle - add a little light to your life!


 All fans of Zuma! Those who are addicted to throwing colorful balls! Lovers of Luxor

series! Rejoice! Here comes a new title of your favourite genre - Sparkle! This game will provide you all the fun you would expect from a good Marble Popper, and a lot more! Sparkle offers all the features inherent to the genre and some novelties for you to enjoy.

The story line of the game is rather sad, I would even say tragic. Darkness has fallen over Crowberry Woods, and not a ray of light can be seen here. But there is a way to bring light back to the country, starting with a single sparkle.

Sparkle playfield You will make your path through the whole region, claiming land after land, and return light to its inhabitants, casting the darkness away.

For this you will have an orb slinger and a snake of orbs to destroy. The gameplay is

nothing special - shoot orbs, creating groups of three or more like-colored ones, which will be destroyed. As soon as you destroy all the orbs in the line the level is passed. As usual, you can swap the orbs in the slinger with a right mouse click.

What distinguishes the game from others of this type is the number of its powerups - there are 13 of them, each one really helpful if you learn how to use it. At the first levels it is rather confusing, but later in the game you come to get used to them rather soon. It's interesting that the powerups appear not in the line of orbs, but next to it, and you have to shoot them separately. Sometimes it can be rather disappointing, because it's not that easy to aim correctly, but you will quickly get accustomed.

Sparkle map After each several levels you will earn an extra life and an amulet giving you some benefits further in the game, for example, making your orbs move two times faster. When you earn several amulets you can choose which one to wear.

There are also another choices you make in the game. For example, the map is not linear, and now and then you reach a certain point you are offered to choose your next step.

Your progress and skill will be reflected at the Achievements page and Trophey Room, where you can track how successful you are in the game.

The game also features three modes, two of which are unlockable and can be played only after you have earned some of the amulets in the first Quest Mode.

Sparkle is the game that is worth your time to look at - check yourself!

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Game Review   2008-02-22


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MichNative  2008-02-25 11:24:06
What a great game! I could have played for a couple of hours more but my time limit ran out! If you are a fan of Atlantis, Zuma or any of the shooting games you will love this one. The graphics are great, the idea that you get to choose which way to proceed adds to the enjoyment of playing a game like this. Give it a go and see what I mean!

Nor  2009-01-15 19:47:40
I love the game but it pisses me off so much!! The game is screwed up because
many times the balls will fall into the hole when they are a good inch away
from it. This is not fair and I'm not imagining it either!! It happens time
and time again!! What the hell???

KeetleletUI  2012-01-03 11:12:15
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