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Game Review   2008-02-19


Spirit of Wandering introSpirit of Wandering - The Legend. The love story of all times.

Spirit of Wandering - The Legend is a hidden object game from Artogon Games which will leave no one indifferent. The genuinely romantic story line, beautifully drawn scenes and diverse game play make it really special. The title is a great treat for all romantic souls as well as for hidden object addicts.

I have already said that once. Or twice... But it's one of the features that attract in this game, so I'll repeat it once more - the story line of the game is very romantic.


Spirit of Wandering SceneImagine - just before your wedding your beloved person disappears. Together with all members of your crew. The Flying Dutchman leaves no one there they have been. Well, almost no one. As you are left alone on the board of your loyal Spirit of Wandering. What will you do? Yes, that's correct! And exactly what the main character - a female pirate captain - does! She ventures to the most romantic quest of all times (yes, I said that again!) intending to get back her crew and her missing love Jack.

There are new features about the game play that also distinguish the game among other hidden object titles, which are numerous nowadays. You will have to look for so called "normal" and "cherished" items of your crew members in locations they frequented when alive. Normal items are described in a riddle-like form, so be ready to search for "an open collection of words" or "curved blade of a soldier". Some of the descriptions seem rather vague and suitable for several items, but with a bit of patience you are sure to clear it out.


Spirit of Wandering ModesAfter you find five normal items you will get a chance to use the Crystal Orb, the only thing of Jack left in your possession, to look for cherished items of your crew members. The cherished items are shown as images, but actually you just have to move the orb along the screen and watch flames around it become brighter. As soon as you find the items, you'll understand that. Each found cherished items adds you ten coins, which prove to be rather helpful as they are used to pay for hints.

Hints are given as compass that points to the whereabouts of an item you need. And if you don't have enough gold to buy a hint, don't be desperate - if you don't find anything for too long, the game will assist you a bit by showing quick sparkles around a hidden item. Since there's no time limit, you can take you time and look carefully.

After you find a cherished item you get a new list of normal ones to look for. On most levels you will have five cherished items to be found.


Spirit of Wandering FortWhen you complete a location you meet a spirit of one of the crew members (surely the one whose cherished items you have found) who tells you where to look for the next person and sends you to the next location.

On the total you will explore 18 scenes in 6 locations, each beautifully drawn and full of marine-themed items to find. But before that each character will show you a Treasure Trove, where you'll have a chance to collect more gold for hints for a limited time.

Tip: try to gather big golden objects first, as they bring you more gold.


So, I will repeat once more - Spirit of wandering is a truly romantic pirate game of really high quality. And the graphics is just beyond praise. It is surely worth your attention.


P.S. And one more - after you complete Casual Mode be ready for more fun in Advanced one. 

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Game Review   2008-02-19


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