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Game Review   2009-08-18


Strange Cases: The Tarot Card MysteryStrange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery - FBI Is On Vigil!

Welcome to another enigmatic incident in a small town and another fascinating quest game developed by Sulus Games and published by Big Fish Games - Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery! Smart puzzles and inventive tasks are waiting for you here.

A triple kidnapping? That's a case for you, agent! 

Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery

Or at least it's a perfect case for Claire Ellery, an FBI agent invited to investigate the disappearance of three girls in a distant and forgotten fishing town. Upon arriving to the crime scene she found out that nothing is that easy and even the local policemen, apart from their Chief, are not at all willing to assign the investigation to the newcomer. Settling in her motel room, Claire suddenly finds a Tarot card with a note on its back. Somebody slipped it under her door - and that somebody definitely intends to help her discover the offenders. Or? Still unsure of her mysterious assistant motives, our heroine decides to follow his or her advice and goes to the warehouse in the docks...

The game play is typical for most quest games released nowadays. You get to a location and have to decide what to do. Arrows and gears into which you cursor turns in some spots,  as well as comments from your character on top of the screen will give you clues as to your next actions. In most locations you will find more Tarot cards with details of your next tasks.

Strange Cases: The Tarot Card MysteryThose are often lists of hidden objects to find. Some items are listed as silhouettes, others are broken into pieces or given as a list of names. When you find some of the objects, you'll be able to reach them from your inventory and use where it is needed.

There are also some puzzle mini-games hidden in the scenes, like switching power by assembling the chain, for example.

The visuals and sounds of the game, as well as the development of story, are rather mediocre, but if you are a fan of the games where you have to figure out what to do and use your brain, Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery can be a very good choice.

On the whole, I would say that the game is a rather nice variant to spend an evening or two, if you enjoy the genre!

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Game Review   2009-08-18


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