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Game Review   2007-01-30


Super Granny 3Super Granny 3 - Cat-Rescuing Arcade


Retired Granny is sure to spot the youngsters many points: no sooner has she returned from a tropical trip and winter vacations, she's ready to conquer the European Park.


The area is divided into five themed worlds, each of them consists of 200 individual stages. At each stage (level), together with enthusiastic octogenary, you will be lounging around mazy platforms, climbing steep ladders, rescuing multiple kittens, planting flowers and solving other challenging puzzles.


Still, your primary mission is to rescue all cats and lead them to the exit gates.


Super Granny PlayFieldUsing arrow keys and space bar, take a Granny to a cat and lead the animal to the exit. In order to get a High Score, try to rescue as many cats at once as possible. While ‘picking up' the pets, you'll come across flowers. Dig them, and they'll blossom.


Once all kitties safely disappear behind the exit gates, and all flowers are blooming, an extra flower appears - this huge flower-bud gives you access to the next level.


If the level is too difficult for you to finish, you can skip it and return to a map, but it will cost your Granny a life.


Apart from coming along meowing creatures, Granny will meet subtile enemies on her mind-bending quest.


Catch a kittieWeiner Dogs, Bats, Monkeys, Bulldogs, Poodles and other evil creatures are on the watch for a retired cat-lover. Some of them are slow-thinkers but quick-movers (Weiner dog), while others are both rapid and smart (Bulldogs).


Hound dog can't climb the ladder; monkeys are harmless for Granny but they can take away her cats.


If two or more enemies are attacking the oldie, dig a few holes in front of her using a space bar. Standing on the age, allure the dogs into a hole. Mind that some of the enemies (bats, Weiner dogs) can't be trapped into the hole.


At some stages you'll find token coins - pick them up and Granny will exchange them for useful items at the Shops.


Super Granny 3 playfieldOnce the raised sum is big enough, Granny will pop in at the Shop where the multiple power-ups are sold. 30 magic items will help Granny to run, dig, climb, even float.


Among them there are Gate Keys that give access to new paths in the game, Dog Bones that will keep enemies busy until Granny has gathered all cats, and Walking Stick that gives Granny access to ladders she can't climb etc.


But mind that items have a timer and can be used for a preset time period. Besides, Granny has a handful of tools and weapons (for example a Super Sneakers, allowing Granny to outrun all enemies). But Granny can't be using two kinds of weapon at the same time - once she's got an item, she can't take another one; otherwise, the first one will drop.


The gameplay is simple and mind-bending at the same time. Sound effects are stunning: Granny interacts with a player and he can hear her nimble encouraging comments. Charming Granny and other perfectly animated heroes make this objects collecting arcade game winningly funny and addictive.


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Game Review   2007-01-30


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Shirley  2007-03-17 11:20:05
Theres a bug in Granny 3 that Sandlot can't track down and fix. I suggest you read the forums at Sandlot before you buy. I'm a Granny lover. Have series but the bug makes the game unstable and theres a lot of crashes and restarts.

Jess  2009-08-04 15:03:34
I think this is the granny game. Let's check it out! I am sendign you this message to see if this will download it.

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