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Game Review   2007-10-08


Supercow Game IntroSuperCow - Adventure Game Know-How


If you are for nice little platformers sort of Turtle Odyssey and Turtix , it's good to try Supercow - the latest creation by Nevosoft.


Due to its colorful interface and easy-to-use controls, this game is amusing.



The story of this game is as fun as that of the rest platformers. A dreadful criminal threatens the world and you are the only one to neutralize this threat.


Supercow Game ScreenshotsIn Supercow, professor Duriarty escaped from prison, captured the farm, kidnapped animals with the aim to clone them. According to his evil plan, the army of animals is to conquer the world and help him establish his power.

Supercow - a benevolent creature that spends her time playing the banjo on a sun-lit meadow. But after learning about it all, she feels obliged to save the world. This is how the innocent and peace-loving cow turns into fearless dare-devil with horns.

While passing all of its levels, and getting closer to professor Duriarty, you will have to gradually set the captured animals free. On each levels you will have three goals:

Supercow's Writing in Her Diary 1. Destroy as much enemies as possible

2. Find all the collectibles(golden coins, ingots, gems, and diamonds etc.)

3. Get to the end of level (that means you'll have to find the exit out of the level).

Enemies: Your enemies are the animals(snails, dogs, spiders, moles, crows) that you might meet on a level and that may hurt you.


In order to fight your foes, you need to use the good-old technique known from the times of Super Mario - just jump on them. But the bigger your enemy is- the more times you will have to jump on it.

If you get hit by the enemy or get under the press, and your health reduces, you can restore it by grabbing the medial aid kit or drink a carton of super-milk.

Supercow's Fighting an Enemy Collectibles - just like in Turtle Odyssey , you will have to collect coins and ingots, as well as pots and sacks full of gold. Plus, you will have to collect diamonds. And, just like in Turtle Odyssey , you can find lots of them in Secret places - that are cleverly hidden in different parts of the level. Note that on some levels, collecting gold is a must, not just a supplementary way to earn better score.

Another important thing to know about Supercow is that for completing one of the level tasks (finding all the gold, performing a triple combo, fighting all enemies on a level) you will be rewarded with a trophy.

That is to say, with each level the gameplay gets more addicting - as the game gets more complicated. You will be facing more foes - running on the ground and flying in the air.


So, each time you will have to find for new way to get them. A mole throwing stones at you as well as a crow flying at a crazy speed and trajectory usually come out of the blue. But so do chests, sacks, and pots of gold (which is good!). So, as you play through one stage and your fingers get used to this crazy action - you will find yourself absolutely absorbed with the game. Terrific music and funny sounds and exclamations of the characters make the whole thing really funny.

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Game Review   2007-10-08


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Sandy  2008-06-24 05:54:05
Xcellant game with cool graphics and easy to play format. A fun game for whole family.

superVal  2008-06-17 21:21:53
Be brave like Supercow and get the bad guys and save the farm.It is sooo much fun to jump on the bad guys heads, if they wound you it just makes you want to get them more! The backdrops are beautiful. To the brave go the goodies like gold, jewels and extra lives. Is is so much fun! I try not to play too long at one time, but it is hard to stop. I love the look Supercow gives you when you're trying to decide what to do, like hurry up, I'm waiting.

MichNative  2008-02-18 19:52:52
I love this game, I have played it on a number of different sites! This is one game that I will buy to play over and over again. If you like Mario, or some of the other games of this type you will love SuperCow too!!! Like Atia......I am so addicted!!

MichNative  2008-02-19 20:10:17
This is one of the best games to be offered! If you like the spirit of Mario type arcade games this one will have you hooked! Who doesnt want to capture the bad guys and see good prevail? Supercow can do it with a bit of your help! Dont be shy, jump in there and give her a hand.........you will love this game, it will make you believe in truth, justice and the cow way!!!

Atia Mitchell  2007-11-05 16:28:29
I just love this game the graphics are beautiful and it really keeps you interested throughout the whole game. I play this game every single day. I cant stop, i am addicted.

Petr  2013-01-08 18:18:03
Is the iPhone the next Wii? Hell no. It'll be nice, and it'll top the DS for now in terms of potential e2€” which isn't quite as hard as it used to be coisednring how old the DS is, but still impressive.Most importantly, the iPhone costs nearly, or more than, twice as much as the Wii, and several times as much as a DS. Part of the Wii's allure is that it's relatively inexpensive. Sure, the iPhone can do more, but if you can't afford it and its monthly bill, it can't do _anything_ for you.Almost as importantly, Nintendo won't ever release content designed for it. The Wii wouldn't be great without Wii Sports, Metroid, Super Mario Galaxy. Having what appears to be a full version of Spore is very nice, though.And as Kid mentions, the Wii at least still has a d-pad for more traditional games. The only games that will really, really work on the iPhone are those that are designed for it.I know the idea of using the SDK for games is intriguing. But the iPhone itself is not designed to be a gaming device, so the end result is going to be something somewhere between playing games on a cell phone and playing games on a TI-84 e2€” it'll take incredibly creative implementations of the interface to get usable, controls. That doesn't sound much like the Wii at all.The SDK is for making and distributing really useful third-party apps. Why aren't people as excited about that? Why games?

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