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Game Review   2007-06-03


Sushi FrenzySushi Frenzy - an arcade game to make you sweat


Sushi Frenzy is another great diner dash style game that keeps you in a rush all the time. You open a sushi restaurant of your own after graduation and you are to serve all its customers quickly with whatever they want.


Do your best to keep your customers happy and use upgrades wisely to be the best sushi chef and make your family proud. Sushi Frenzy, developed by Yellow Cat Games and published by iWin, will put you on your toes.


You are to serve the impatient customers as fast as you can.


Sushi FrenzyIn Sushi Frenzy the customers visit your restaurant and make their orders. You can see what ingredients they want in the bubbles near their heads.


They may also want drinks, sauces, and desserts. Keeping your clients happy guarantees you bigger tips. Your task is to find the items on the table where they go around and give them to the customers.


Easy at first sight? But in a while it won't be for sure, cause you have to be real fast already in the first levels when more and more and more customers keep coming. And what's more, they are so impatient that it gets even irritating. 


Apart from orders you get you are to deal with pests like rats, flies and cockroaches as well.


Sushi FrenzyYou have to deal not only with the orders but also with a few pests. Those are rats, flies and cockroaches. Disgusting, eh?


How do you fight them? You have special tools for each one of them. Broom for rats, flycatcher for flies and special aerosol for cockroaches. And you'd better use all of that to keep your customers happy.


That will result in satisfied customers which means bigger tips.


You should spend the money you earn wisely on restaurants upgrades or even on new restaurants.


Sushi FrenzyYou should be  interested in getting as more money as you can cause there's the Upgrade Shop in the game. In this shop you can spend your money on stuff for improving your restaurant's appearance. And why do you need that in all this crazy rush with your customers?


The cozier restaurant will make your customers happier and that will increase their patience and improve their tips. You can buy things like lanterns, plants, paintings, floors, tables in the shop. This adds a strategy element to the game.


If you spend your money wisely enough you can even buy new restaurants nearby - Beach Restaurant, Roof-Top Restaurant, and Ice Castle Restaurant.


Go through all the levels in Career Mode or serve never-ending customers in Survival Mode.


Sushi FrenzyTwo modes are available in Sushi Frenzy: Career and Survival. In the Career mode you play through 48 levels. Survival mode has 4 never-ending worlds for you to choose and play.


The game fits in very well with others of its type like Cake Mania, Diner Dash or The Apprentice: Los Angeles. The fans of this kind of games are going to love it.


All the upgrades and the challenges keep you engaged and eager to do your best to get to the next level and in the end become the best sushi chef.


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Game Review   2007-06-03


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