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Game Review   2007-02-19


Tangle BeeWhat's the Buzz? - It's Tangle Bee - New Type of Puzzle


If you are tired of the monotonous match-3 or swap-and match puzzles, this is the alternative: TangleBee by Smart Melon Games.

Aside from the cute graphics, the game features a funny story: in the life of Tanglewood forest settled with cute bees there happened a disaster.


The bees were unfortunately caught in the tricky spider web, so a player is to set them free.


The point is to untangle bees so that the lines of the web do not cross.

Tangle BeeThe gameplay gradually gets more complicated: while on the first level your task is limited to freeing the bees, on the second level a spider-threat impends upon you as you try to untangle bees.

While setting the bees free watch out for the spider- if the evil creature reaches honey pot you see at bottom right of the playing field, you will be out of time.

On the third level you'll discover that bees have their own personalities while on the fourth level the first queen bee appears.

Tangle BeeIn TangleWood Forest queen bees are hidden - save them and you'll be rewarded with a special token.

To win the game you have to find and save the lost queen bees. Each saved queen will give you special power-ups. For example, it can give you a dizzy token which makes the spider dizzy giving you more time to pass the level. Queen Bees you are going to meet at further levels will reward you with such powerups as lightning, rain cloud, bug spray, and many more.

As you proceed through levels scoring points, you'll be rewarded with coins. Bronze, silver and precious gold coins are power-ups that allow you to unlock secrets. Other bonuses, combos, surprises and trophies are to be locked as well.

With its 5 modes, TangleBee is a challenging game for the whole family with the set of modes adjusted to any skills and age.

Tangle BeeIn TangleBee Classic mode you are to simply set all untangled bees free. Puzzle mode has its that makes the gameplay really brainteasing: you can only set the bees free by untangling all the lines.


TangleBee For Kids mode will grasp children with more colorful and easier levels while Trouble mode is a real challenge: one must clear the image from the honeycomb before the level is over.


It's possible to choose the endless gameplay with a Timeless mode in case you prefer moderate and unhurried game pace.


For tips and tricks for this game, please visit Smart Melon website.


Stunning hand-drawn graphics sparkling with more than 65000 pastel colors reflects the change of season, funny relaxing music mesmerizes. Gameplay is unique and consecutive: one by one you'll discover 11 picturesque landscapes discovering new game features as you proceed through 400 levels.

System requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium II 400 MHz or equivalent, 64MB System RAM, DirectX 8.0 or higher, Video card with at least 16 MB VRAM


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Game Review   2007-02-19


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