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Game Review   2010-12-30


Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds


tasty planet back for seconds introIt took Dingo Games about 4 years to create a sequel to the Katamari Damacy-like indie game Tasty Planet that got the name Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds. Though the basic idea of controlling a small grey blob that can eat everything smaller than it is was left unchanged, there are rather many novelties in the fresh release. First of all you'll travel to much more different time periods then before. Your journey will start on the table of the scientists and take you to prehistoric era where you can regale yourself with dinosaurs and then to ancient Egyptians, Romans and more. Besides now your pet that truly believes our planet to be the tasty one (and there is no surprise as it can really taste every piece of it) will grow from the tiny size of an amoeba to the size of a galaxy within the same level.



When the view zooms back to demonstrate you your new status and perspective, get prepared that your role has already switched.


tasty planet back for seconds prehistoric eraThe game starts with the comic strips telling the story of the two scientists who accidentally create something unknown before. Made out of nanotechnology, it is hardly visible but extremely hungry. The scientists feed this grey creature with some candies, than it eats test tubes, white mouses and  finally the scientists' newly created time machine. After that the real adventure starts!

The grey goo gets to the prehistoric era first and gets an opportunity to eat the dinosaurs. By the way some of them make funny noise while being eaten. But before that wonderful moment comes you'll have to be satisfied with the bug-diet. Yep, it absolutely doesn't look like the first game’s linear growth curve. But I believe the new version to be much funnier. And when the view zooms back to demonstrate you your new status and perspective, get prepared that your role has already switched: now you're not the  big fish in a small pond, so work hard on getting bigger once again.

tasty planet back for seconds get the other bankAs meeting the enemies that are bigger than you can chase you the length of the level, you'd better avoid them. But as it was once said, revenge is a kind of dish that is better to be served cold. In other words, just calm down and try to avoid the ones that might threaten you up to the moment you can threaten them.

If you think that eat-to-grow gameplay is a little bit hackneyed, the special levels of the Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds will prove you you're mistaken.


tasty planet back for seconds butterfliesThere are different kinds of them, staring with collection quests, where you are supposed to eat a set number of a specific object, up to maze-like levels, where your aimless wandering is replaced by a need to grow in order to escape the confines of your makeshift prison. But anyway the action remains idea of the game. So if you're easily tired of rambling in a surprisingly intense pace, that's not your kind of a game.

The music is better than it was in the previous version of the game. And as it was mentioned before the sound effects are more than just enjoyable.


For some of you the game might seem silly, but be careful, it really absorbs you as soon as you start to play. May be the insatiability of the character is contagious, who knows!

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Game Review   2010-12-30


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