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Game Review   2007-01-09



Help Teddy bear become a Culinary MasterTeddy Tavern: A Culinary Adventure - Restaurant Running Game


Teddy Bear who has always been fond of cooking decides to pursue his cherished dream and to take part in the prestigious Culinary Master Competition. To qualify in competition, Teddy has to earn five medals. They can be obtained from different types of restaurants all over the world, which the bear will visit in his quest in order to become a Culinary Master Chef.


So the main point of the game is to help Teddy run and upgrade his restaurants by cooking different dishes and making customers happy.


Customers take their seats and make ordersThe main strategy is similar to other Cake Mania type games: Teddy has to keep customers happy by quickly feeding them. The happier are the clients (the stars over their heads indicate their happiness level), the more points you get. Happy guests ‘drop' tips when leaving. If the customer gets angry, he'll attack you before he goes. To serve a visitor, you are to take an order, consult a menu to find its components and to combine them in a dish.


Once the dish is ready, arcade part of the game starts - you have to shoot it up in the right bear.


Use different ingredients to make a dishTeddy's visitors are taking their places on different stages. To shoot ready dishes correctly, move Teddy under the highest customer and left click. If you shoot it at the centre of a customer, Perfect Aim bonus will pop out.


One more hint: because you're getting a lot of visitors, they often order the same food combinations. So you can gain bonus points by serving the same dish to different customers: once you prepared a dish, put it into the Stockhouse. When many clients order the same dish, move Teddy to the Stockhouse and use left click to stack up the order. Shoot this ‘pile' into the highest bear and he'll ‘share' delicious snack with other customers. Once the customer has finished eating, grab sponges to clean dirty tables. The same clue works here: grab several sponges to clean all dirty tables at one fell swoop.


Multiple bonuses, power-ups and combos are popping out on you while you dash with a tray.

Yellow hearts indicate the customers 'happiness'


Speed charm, Money charm, Magic dish charm will make your bear's catering toil easier.


Serving the same dish consecutively will score you Combo Points.


If you earn more money than the Master Goal requires, you'll be rewarded with a gold token which is a pass to even better upgrades.




As far as you proceed through levels, more and more upgrades are available. 


Gain bonus points by serving the same dish to different customersUpgrades are of different types: some of them allow to bribe customers (Aromatic Shrubs can increase customers patience), others concern eateries interior improvements or even mean introducing new visitors to the game (there are six customers types with different mood and appetite, starting from Brown bear with normal appetite and ending with impatient sloweater Panda).


The game also features so-called dish upgrade: with each level, 25 different dishes (hamburgers, lasagna, baguette, French crepe etc) are added to the menu one by one. Starting from the fourth level, you can choose the upgrade to unlock.


The game features vivid motion graphics and luscious music. It's a real cooking maintenance for the most sophisticated cookers, as 25 different dishes from French, Italian and other cuisines can be cooked from multiple ingredients here. And that's why it hooks you up. The gameplay is very smooth and consecutive: level by level you unlock new restaurants (each one with traditional cuisine of a definite country) and upgrades, improving your ‘serving skills' and trying to find a groundbreaking strategy.




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Game Review   2007-01-09


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shika  2007-02-20 13:39:23
whatsup girl i hope you enjoy this game cause its very fun

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