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Game Review   2007-06-26


The Rise of AtlantisThe Rise of Atlantis - a Match-3 Puzzler


The Rise of Atlantis is a great puzzler developed by Terminal Studio.


This is a challenging classic puzzle game based on a beautiful legend about the sunken continent of Atlantis and the seven wonders of the ancient world. In this game, your mission is to raise the underwater continent from the bottom of the sea.




You'll visit the ancient places of the Mediterranean to collect the artefacts.


The Rise of AtlantisIn the beginning of every level,  a map with the destinations you are to visit comes up.


Among the places that you will travel to, there is Phoenicia, Babylon, Rome, Egypt, Troy, Carthage, and Greece.


You are also given some interesting facts about these legendary places along the game. So, it really feels like being on  excursion to the highlights of the ancient world.  


You'll have to solve a jigsaw-style puzzle, making the artefacts fall to the bottom of the playfield to get them.


The Rise of Atlantis

In each place, you are to assemble the artefacts.


You can acquire the artefacts by solving the main puzzle, where they are placed among the tiles that form varyingly-shaped grids, and see them placed into jigsaw-style puzzle after that.


Cause the artefacts to fall to the bottom of the playfield - and they will become yours.


The number of artefacts on the grid as well as the difficulty of the puzzles increase as you go through the levels.


But in terms of basic game play mechanics, this game is a classic match-3. You are to swap the tiles on the board in order to place three identical tiles side-by-side - and they will be removed from the playfield.




Use all of the power-ups to get the artefacts much more quickly


The Rise of AtlantisThe puzzle grids may also contain power-ups like a bomb to blast several tiles or a lightening to destroy a special type of tiles. 


Clock power-up will give you some extra time; and a swap bonus can be used to swap any tiles you want.


Apart from that, if you make more than three tiles disappear, they go to fill the sun with a power. 


The sun is at the bottom of the screen and it gets 100 per cent full quite quickly. All power-ups are for you to destroy the tiles whenever you want.


Tips and tricks:

  • Watch for tiles to flash and frame if you are having troubles finding a match 

  • Try to make matches lower in the game field to increase the chance of getting chain reactions.

  • The more tiles you disappear in one match, the more energy gets the Sun power-up

  • Use bonuses only when you have to. They will come in handy later in your travels as the levels get more and more difficult

  • It is usually easier to get rid of frozen and locked tiles at the very beginning

  • Try to score more points. Every 100 000 bring you an extra life.

  • Some rows in the game field are shorter than others. Try and move the artifact pieces to the shorter rows to release them faster. This strategy works for releasing the bonus items as well.

The setting of the game gives you a true flavor of the ancient mysteries.  


The Rise of AtlantisThe design of the game is very attractive and highly-polished.


The billowing sails and flaming torches on the background add a flavor of the ancient adventures, sea voyages and legends.


Apart from that, while playing The Rise of Atilantis, you will get some interesting funny facts about the places you'll be visiting between the journeys. That makes the game only more addictive.


The Rise of Atlantis is an attractive puzzle game that has to offer more than a puzzle to solve.


        Play free online version of The Rise of Atlantis 

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Game Review   2007-06-26


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Rate this game:Current game rating: 4.575

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gldieburt  2007-09-20 17:28:51

goldie  2007-09-20 17:40:13
have been playing this game for awhile rise of the atlants i am on wondering if there is a end to it it seems like its the same thing overand over i am on journey 14 so will the game end at all into a journey or does it keep going on and on please email me back and tell me how many journeys there r in the game please

Helen Turnbull  2007-10-09 07:01:53
I also would like to know how many journeys are in rise of atlantis. Im on journey 23 and to be honest Im getting fed up with it now. It just goes on and on to the point of being boring.

tumsh  2007-10-21 13:07:54
Im still waiting on a reply to how many journeys there are in this game. Im now on journey 27 and wishing it would come to an end as it is getting very boring

Karen Carter  2007-10-24 17:42:01
I found one site that states the game is 77 levels...

geoenviro  2008-07-06 12:40:45
Does anyone know how to make the "swap" bonus work? I can't seem to get it to permanently move a tile away from the wall. It moves then slides back to its original position. Is there a particular sequence to using it?

Carol  2008-12-03 20:33:20
I've done some reseach on this game and found on one site that there are 77 levels. I've been playing on and off for several days and still can't figure out how to use the swap button successfully. Anyone know???

a  2009-01-04 17:43:42
For Carol:
To use the swap button you have to click on one thing for instance the shield looking thing and then click another one, but it can't be the box that you need to beat that level it has to be two different ones.

Jamie  2009-01-29 04:35:37
To Karen Carter when it says 77 levels it means 77 levels in ones journey so if you have done 10 journeys you have done 770 levels,
oh to answer the question i don't have a clue how many journeys there are.

amabowlbnabe  2009-03-25 09:26:31
I am on Journey 80. Is there any end to it?

CONNIE B  2009-03-30 21:37:25
Are all the journeys the same..does anything ever change?

Cynthia  2009-09-16 00:12:03
I can't get the swap button do to any thing what so ever it seems useless.


julie  2009-08-29 23:39:27
seriously...journey 80...i quit right now...

Nikita  2009-11-27 23:33:23
Swam bonus is the most useful. BUT: you first must arrange the jewels in a certain way. For example, you can have two same jewels (like two shells)on top of the piece that you want to move from the wall. Then you use the swap bonus to put the third shell next to the movable piece. Then you just move the third shell and that piece the way you usually move jewels. I would not be able to move all the pieces from the wall without the swap bonus.

Ann  2010-04-03 20:26:24
I have successfully gone through 90 odd journeys of the game how many journeys are there please?

Ann  2010-09-13 00:40:10
I'm on journey 150, how many journeys are there in the full version of Rise of Atlantisand how do I get the screensaver please

Ann  2011-04-03 22:35:16
I am on journey 216 of the game Rise of Atlantis and getting really good at it, how many journeys are there and how do I get my screensaver please

Peter  2012-02-18 09:17:32
The differences of the journeys are how many 'rocks' there can be at once on the screen board

Finish  2012-07-05 07:41:09
Journey 222 when the game will end????

Rita  2012-07-20 12:31:00
I've only gone through Rise of Atlantis twice, but I don't see anything about how to get the screensaver. Anyone help?

Rita  2012-07-20 13:05:01
One of the tips says that you'll be rewarded with a screensaver at the end of the journey. I still don't know how to access it, so if anyone knows, please help!

jake jacobs  2014-02-04 05:58:17
Well,i am now on game 52,nothing changes! nothing exciting.a waste of time!!!!!

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