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Game Review   2008-06-15


The_Secret_of_Margrave_ManorThe Secret of Margrave Manor - Never-Ending Hidden Object Adventure

Those who are desperate fans of hidden object games will be fully satisfied with this release from Inertia Software.


The Secret of Margrave Manor is an adventure hidden object game that offers a looong journey through cluttered rooms and intrigue story.


Having received the 10-year-old letter from her grandfather she never knew, Edwina starts her investigation of family secrets.


The_Secret_of_Margrave_ManorYou play as a young girl who hardly knows anything about her family. Edwina Margrave, that's her name, receives a letter with a stone on her 20th birthday. The letter is dated 10 years ago. The letter is from her grandfather who invites her to reveal many family secrets.


So Edwina arrives to her family manor and finds out from a butler that her grandfather disappeared. Gerard, the butler, seeing the stone that she received decides that it may have something to do with the secret door on the second floor. Even though the grandfather instructed not to let anyone there, they decide to start this investigation.


This is the start of the game and the story. As you go further the story rolls on giving you more information about Edwina's parents. Getting pieces of it you get more and more interested in finding out what actually had happened.


Most of the time you are to search for the listed items, but sometimes you have to find the differences in two pictures or but together the pieces on a newspaper article or letter.


The_Secret_of_Margrave_ManorIt was not a misprint or something when I wrote "looong journey" in the beginning of the review. You are to go through a huge number of absolutely cluttered rooms before you can finally get to the end. So I guess The Secret of Margrave Manor is a perfect place for hidden object fans.


So most of the time you are to search for the listed items, but sometimes you have to find the differences in two pictures or put together the pieces of a newspaper article or letter.


The rooms you are to search for the items are extremely full of everything. But the items used are present in every room. So this kind of helps not to get lost in a new room. You are not given a full list of items. The items you are to find appear in the bottom bar. Once you find one, it disappears allowing the new one to be seen. So you can't go further till you find those on your list at the moment.


The hints will help you with the items that are just not seen among the heaps of everything in a room. If you want to enjoy just the seek-and-find process, you can play in the Freeplay Mode.


The_Secret_of_Margrave_ManorThere are also hints that you can use as much as you want. You start off with two hints, and every 3 minutes of the level you are given an extra hint. You get 15 minutes on every room.


After every room you are given an item that goes to your collection. It's a special room that gets cluttered with all these items as you play. If you go to see your collection you can see the percentage of the items you've collected. That gives you a rough idea as to how far you are in the game. And you'll be shocked to see how long the game actually is.


The game features two modes: Story mode and Freeplay mode. The freeplay mode gives you an opportunity to enjoy searching the rooms without the story part and time limit. In this mode, the timer shows how much time does it take you to finish the room.


So the game may be absolutely perfect for those who are crazy about finding items, but can become a bit boring for more moderate players.

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Game Review   2008-06-15


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Eddie Rock  2008-06-21 08:30:57
Game is a you described. Very Long...tedious...but the story is intriguing. I found 64 percent of the items and made it to the end...I think..you get a RIP monument, but you keep thinking that if you do it three times, there will be more...if there is...it escaped me. Hint...if in finding the objects you need more hints, put the game back to menu...that pauses it..the time does not click on but the hint timer does so you can get up to nine hints while the screen is in pause...do it..go eat and come back and you can get through the screens quickly with hints....by the time your are getting to the end..you will be ready to do anything to get this very loooooooooooong game over.

Evelyn Calderon  2008-07-04 12:44:04
It good game

BeeJ  2008-07-08 19:19:52
This IS a looooong game, and when I finally finished the basic story my collectibles room was only 57% full. You can continue to play just to fill the room (takes 300 items, counting the basic story that takes 50 full plays of each 6-room scenario) and when that's done you get nothing as a reward. Or you can continue to play their game-in-a-game and solve rooms to get A+ on each. Just takes much too long, IMO, without a satisfactory resolution for either completing 100% of the collectibles room or acing the rooms themselves. The hint that the treasure is only 1/3 there doesn't open other options. Nice game if you adore hidden item games, but not worth the overall investment.

clemetta moore  2008-11-02 12:02:04
I have played this game about 10 times and the most collectibles I have gotten is 67%. And try to find the hand written letter at the end is impossible. How on earth do you end this game?

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