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Game Review   2012-09-30


The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2


The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 is a time management game where the world saving aspect, that is usually associated with the hidden object puzzle adventure games, and the building process go hand in hand.



If you are one of those whos target is to get the best results in games of this genre, then you have to think of a strategy here.


The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2This is not the first game in the series. So if you had played the previous release and liked it, you will be happy to see the pharaoh and his friends back for this one. This time the dynasty is in danger. Your prist has found a scroll that fortells a catastrophy and the salvation is in beilding temples. 


The game is just as interesting as the first one, but you get an scarab system added. You can earn scarabs that can later come in handy when you need some bonuses trying to do your best. 



The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2


If you are one of those whos target is to get the best results in games of this genre, then you have to think of a strategy here. You do have to focus on the tasks that you see in the top right corner. The hints are perfectly clear and helpful if you follow those.And then think how to se all the resources the best way possible. 


The game's audio visual presentation as really good as for a tiem management game. One of the things that the developers have achieved is that the game is fun to play. You actually enjoy being there.


The game is definitely worth trying if you are a fan of this genre. All of the game's aspects are so enjoyable!

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Game Review   2012-09-30


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Faruqu  2012-10-10 22:35:43
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Avinash  2012-10-23 05:06:02
IT IS NOT A WASTE OF LIFE!ok peaple het paid to play new video games and yes its acntdcidg peaple who do sports when there young or even in college cood be wasteing there life because they mite have planded a future and all that on that sport but it all crashes when they get into the real world so thats only god knows how many years they have wasted but you can never realy waste your lif gameing and dont let anyone else tell you diffrent .ive played games scence i was idk about 5-6 years old and now im making money playing them b4 anyone else even knows about it the game that is going to be the next top seller i get paid to play it just to play it and tell them what i like and dislike about the game and if you dont want that as a carrier hell you always got your games when your bored when you want friends to come over or anything like that .but NO gameing is not a waste of life unless if your like 20 or somtin an living with your mom.but your 17 contact me sometime man ill get you a carrier in what you like to do AKA hopefully gaming.:)

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