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Game Review   2009-03-02


The_Wizard_s_PenThe Wizard's Pen - New Catching Turns


The Wizard's Pen developed by SpinTop Games and published by PopCap Games is one of those games that have attractive wrapping and catching content. You are to find out where the wizard has disappeared  using his sketchbooks and a magic pen. 



The idea is the following - you get a clean sheet in a book, then you choose area (in a square form) where you want the pen to draw.


The_Wizard_s_PenThe game is very magic-themed in everything you see, hear, and play. The wizard you are an apprentice of has disappeared and now you are to do your best to find him and find out what's going on.


You do that by using his magic pen and professor's sketchbooks. That's where you are going to spend most of the time. But things a little bit unexpected here.


The sketchbooks are empty. The idea is the following - you get a clean sheet in a book, then you choose area (in a square form) where you want the pen to draw. The pen draws only what's in this area of the sheet.


By these pieces you are to find out what item is hidden. You have a limited number of clicks (or squares to open). Sometimes one or two is enough, but some items are not that obvious.


The_Wizard_s_PenOnce you are sure you know what an item is, you are to write your guess at the bottom of the screen and see if you are right.


For every item that you guessed you get some points and when you have 200 points you unlock one of the locked sketchbooks.


There are also different potions that work as power ups in this sections. There are also other places you are to play here.


The hidden object levels go in between the sketchbooks. But don't hurry to think that you know what that means and what to expect. Yes, you get a cluttered scene and, yes, you get a list of items, but, no, you don't search for the items listed.


Your task here is to find where on a scene the items listedcan be placed. That's not that easy I should say, but you have hints that get recharged and can be used by you in times of need.


The game will really be a change for those who are familiar with most of the puzzle/hidden-object games.



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Game Review   2009-03-02


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