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Game Review   2007-09-12


Wedding DashTips and Tricks for Wedding Dash


There's no doubt that Wedding Dash is already mastered by so many people. And it's no wonder cause the game is really worth it.


But today we offer tips and trick for those who would like to become even better in this game. Practice does make perfect but tips and tricks do it faster. So check them out here.


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  • Try to pay attention to what is being told to you by Quinn. She usually gives some information about guests' preferences or characteristics of some guests. Don't miss that out. The information can help you get the points. For example, if she lets you know that not many people would like to sit next to Betty, make sure you seated her at the end of the table. Or, if you are told that some guests may want to switch tables during the dinner, leave the seats next to the most popular guests to get extra points.

  • Don't focus on the speed only as you go through the game. Try to know all the names of the characters and some of their specific features so that you could use it for your own benefit. For example, if you learn that Chloe is very popular and many people would want to sit next to her, get her in the middle of the table, so that you could seat more people next to her.

  • You get bonus points for combos, so do them as often as possible. Try to seat all the guests at the same time or at least by pairs. It will help you to serve them faster. If you seated more then two guests, you can save some time if you get the food on the way back to the next presents.

  • The food is served in the same order every time: appetizers, entrée, and desserts. So you know what will be the next thing any guest will order. It's wise to get some food in advance.

  • You can always throw the food you've taken by mistake. The problem is that it will cost you 50 points. You can also hold it till someone orders it. So try to figure out what is wiser in every case. Hold it if you see that someone will order it soon any way. Otherwise throw it away and don't loose your points working with one hand only.

  • Another trick about serving is that you don't have to serve everyone right away. They can wait for a while. It can be very helpful when you got someone who wants to sit with a person that is going to get his/her desert and all the seats next to him/her are occupied. In this case you can serve as fast as you can the guests on the sides of newcomer's preference and at the same time not to serve the one who is wanted to seat with for as long as you can. Then you'll be able to seat the new guest with his/her preference before he/she leaves. This can also be used when someone wants to change his/her place.

  • Try to get Quinn as soon as you can to deal with any wedding crisis. Every settled crisis gives you 200 points. Doing this too late will make the bride and groom unhappy. If you have several crisis at the same time, it's better to send Quinn there to take care of one and then with another because the points won't be multiplied. Deal with one at a time. The same goes for serving drinks and giving music requests to the DJ.

  • At certain levels you are given bottles of champagne and also confetti to make the guests happier. Use them wisely, only when you see that the guests are really angry. But don't wait for too long. When the cloud near the angry guest gets red, it's time to do something. Otherwise you start loosing your points.

  • Chaining orders is the main way to reach the expert goal. It works even when you are out of champagne to keep the guests happy. Try to stay calm and focused on chaining orders instead of being nervous.

  • Another way to get more points is to do well on the planning of the wedding. Read the instructions carefully and make the correct choices. It's an easy way to get points.


Hopefully these few general tips and tricks will be helpful in dealing with Wedding Dash's challenges.

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Game Review   2007-09-12


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This is Tips and Tricks for Wedding Dash review. Download this game here.