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Game Review   2009-02-06


Totem TribeTotem Tribe - Where Natural Life Begins!

The new and totally addictive game Totem Tribe will make you in charge of a small tribe trying to survive and lead a healthy and stable life. The strategy game play offers much diversity, and the stunning graphics are beyond any praise.

Do you think you have leadership qualities? Time to test them!

Totem TribeSo, you start your game as Aruku, the young, beautiful and very responsible chieftain of the Hawk Tribe. Everything used to be steady and peaceful on their Planet, until the Epoch of the Comet came and disturbing signs appeared in space. The Tribe had to migrate, and Tetala Island was the best option - due to magical sparkles over it. So, you'll try to find a new home and achieve happy life for the whole tribe moving among islands and looking for the best place to live. But everything won't be that simple. A mysterious shadow seems to scheme something against the Hawk Tribe, and they have to find out what it is and fight it if they want to live peacefully.

That is essentially all about the story of the game, though I can assure you that by the second island you'll be fully engaged and striving to know what it is, not mentioning wishing to keep your whole tribe safe.

Totem TribeAs to the game play, as I already said, it's mainly strategy. For each island you'll have a number of objectives revealed to you one by one. You'll construct buildings, each with its individual features. Most of the buildings train different type of characters needed for different purposes. As you might guess, workers build, fighters defend and scouts explore. Once some units are trained you can assign them to different tasks you need them to do. That's why building enough huts for workers or archery ranges for archery is one of your first steps on any island. There is one thing rather annoying - your workers can do one thing at a time, and you, for example, order them to build one more hut, the whole horde will leave the previous task and go fulfill the latest. But you can switch between tasks as often as you wish (not more than three at a time), and you'll soon get used to it.

Besides developing your own camp you'll explore each island and interact with different objects you'll find there. Collecting jewels, solving mini-puzzles and gathering everything you find you can get some bonuses that make your life easier later in the game. And some them constitute your game objectives, like the Tear of Heaven or the six Totems.

Tip: when after a level you are offered to either proceed to the next island or stay and continue, don't leave until you open the large chest - it usually contains a very useful bonus.


Adding the beauiful and detailed visuals to the highly addictive game play, we can come to the conclusion that Totem Tribe is a really high quality strategy game for everyone. Need more proof? Try it for yourself!

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Game Review   2009-02-06


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