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Game Review   2008-08-31


Treasure_Masters,_IncTreasure Masters, Inc. - Get Ready To Fight For The Victory


Treasure Masters, Inc. from Alawar Entertainment is one of those games that are like a fresh breeze on a hot day. This is a hidden object game that will challenge even the die hard masters of the genre.



You are an heir to receive and run a treasure hunting business. Good hidden object skills are required to overcome your enemies.


Treasure_Masters,_Inc The character you play as is called Gordon Jones (who knows, maybe he is somehow related to Indiana Jones..). His grandpa owns a treasure hunting buisness, but he suddenly disappears on his way over the Pacific Ocean.


Now the business as well as the mysterious disappearance is Gordon's business. And there's no time to waste since his rivals are not going to wait for him.


So this is the story behind the game and it is fun to follow along the game. But the game itself offers much more fun especially for those who got bored of just good hidden object games and need more challenge to put them on their toes.


There are different tasks you are to accomplish in order to find all of the items on the list.


Treasure_Masters,_Inc_The game is a classic hidden object one, but with some extra challenge. Some of the items you are to find are given as words, some as pictures.


Sometimes you will need to perform some actions in order to find some of the items, which is a lot of fun. It's much more interesting than just looking for the items.


Another challenge is the time limit. If you play a timed mode, it takes to be really good at hidden objects in order to get to the end.


If you run out of time, you'll have to start the whole chapter all over again. And chapters are pretty long here. Even the relaxed mode is hard enough.


So this is Treasure Masters, Inc. in a nutshell. The game is must-have-it ones at least for the trial.





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Game Review   2008-08-31


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