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Game Review   2010-05-14


Tropical Fish Shop: Annabel's Adventure - All in All a Good Match-3

Tropical Fish Shop: Annabel's AdventureTropical Fish Shop: Annabel's Adventure is a match 3 game that has you swapping tiles in order to earn tropical fish for your fish store. It is a cute game not only for older kids but for the whole family to spent their leisure in friendly domestic surroundings. Do you like diving? Here's your chance to plunge down deep, explore marine life and participate in a range of diving contests! Enjoy relaxing music, colorful graphics and exciting game-play, as you brush up on your diving skills!

Try a full of summer joy and seaside adventure!

Tropical Fish Shop: Annabel's AdventureSo, Tropical Fish Shop: Annabel's Adventure tells us in a form of a bright and beautiful Match-3 game about Annabel who is a coastal fish store employee, responsible for stocking the store with interesting marine life. From her very first day she realized that diving was that very thing she had always missed in her life.You are supposed to join her in enchanting underwater adventures, as she sets out to discover new and interesting creatures in the ocean that washes a tropical island. The underwater life is filled with real magic: fairy jellyfish, sinister octopuses, crab knights and beautiful goldfish.

The owner of the fish shop will give you orders which are getting harder and harder Tropical Fish Shop: Annabel's Adventureand are possible for a professional diver only. You may have already guessed that your main task is to fulfil the orders before air reserves in your oxygen cylinder are over. Get ready for different modes and tasks which vary from playing against time to competitions with your rivals. So, there is no time to get bored with monotony. Start with simple task to warm up: fetch crabs, seastars and cute clownfish. To do it, just match 3 or more similar fish-tiles and dive out in time in order not to drown. Remember that you are to catch that very amount you were ordered, neither more nor less. It is desireable not waiste your time and match needed groups only as as you know, oxygene cylinders are not an eternal thing.

Useful tips: you've got an excellent helper! A landing net removes a tile from the board but it does count. To prolong your underwater stay just match 3 air bubbles.

So, let your hobby become your income source! Dive into the Tropical Fish Shop and let your breath be taken away!

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Game Review   2010-05-14


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Linda  2012-04-05 11:41:29
Review by R. Holland for Rating: Bought these when I was weaning my first child (now age 2 1/2) and found them very hepufll, but wasn't sure how long they'd last as the plastic felt quite thin more so than I'd expected. A few broke when they fell out of the freezer (ooops!) and I didn't hold out much hope of them surviving the weaning process. But, apart from the few that broke when they hit the kitchen floor, they all survived. Now weaning my 2nd child and these have proven just as useful as they did the 1st time round. The various sizes make them ideal for freezing/storing different foods, are great for taking home-made food with you when going out, and the lids stay on really well so I've no concerns of them falling open in my bag. The shape could be better as the oval shape means there's wasted space in between them in the freezer, and I need every millimetre of space in the freezer at the moment! But, that's the only thing I'd change about them. The grooves round the edge of the lids are a bit awkward to clean mushed food out of, but it's a small price to pay to be sure the lids will stay on the pots. I recommended these to a friend when I first bought them, she used them when weaning her 2 kids and has now passed them on to another friend they really do last well!

Yogita  2012-10-23 06:46:26
Yehuda1) I think being unselfish, or alsrtituic, is something that goes against natural human instincts- mainly the instinct of survival. Giving up something for the welfare of someone else in certain circumstances puts you at a disadvantage to them and in a society that is not structured like ours would be quite the disability. Altruistic deeds done in modern times i believe are done for the sake of making one's self feel good, like you are helping to better society, it is not done out of selflessness. 2) In my opinion, reasons behind actions do and don't matter depending on the circumstance. Even if someone does not understand how volunteering or giving charity help a cause they are still devoting resources to it and helping out. If the objective is not personal gain then i think the motive behind charitable actions is not important, although one should know what they are helping.

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