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Game Review   2007-07-20


Turbo PizzaTurbo Pizza - an Energetizing Arcade


Welcome to Turbo Pizza - an innovating pizzeria located in the rundown castle with a wide choice of food and drinks and quick service. After all, it's just a nice place to stop in. A rapid flow of over 5 customer types of different temperament each; every day is a big thing, and there are only Robert and Rebecca there to handle this insane pace. Is there anybody else to help them? It might be you, if you like Diner games and have ever surrendered to the crazy pace of restaurant frenzy.


The first trick of this game is to be very-very quick, otherwise you'll not pass even through the first level...


So, fasten your belts and... fasten yourself.


Or you won't be able to progress a lot.


Customers come quickly and won't wait long.


By the way, there are over 5 types of the customers: men, women, bookworm ladies, school students, golfers, and crazy impatient knights.


Each of them may order anything that comes to his/her mind. And the menu of your pizzeria does offer a vast choice of food and drinks: three types of pizza, cakes, ice-cream, pop-corn, soda, coffee and so on.


Turbo PizzaSome of the food items are easy to serve as you are just to grab them from the counter and hand to the customer, and that's it. But, in order to deliver other food items, you'll have to accomplish complicated actions. Say, in order to prepare any kind of pizza, you're to grab it from Robert, your coworker, and place it to the oven. Coffee should be brewed, popcorn prepared on a special machine seated in the center of the playfield, and ice-cream should be prepared on a special machine.


So, here's a general picture of the game: customers are coming out of the blue, order different food and drinks that you can't deliver in one click, and if you don't do that as quickly as they expect, they'll just leave.


Turbo PizzaThe whole thing is even much more complicated since some of the customers would like to get several food items. And you just won't let them go by serving them once. So, this game is played at a crazy pace only, and you can handle it as long as you let it absorb you. Though Turbo Pizza has an undeniably absorbing effect(tested on the several people from our department), it is a good energetic game that you can use in the beginning of your business day for training your reaction.


The other good thing about the game is that it is not monotonous at all. The multiple restaurant levels are mixed with mini-games. The point of each one is to fix a pizza out of ingredients on conveyor belt.


Moreover, similarly to Diner Dash you'll be able to get upgrades between the levels here for the money earned during each level.


Turbo Pizza There are three types of upgrades. The first type includes the upgrades that will make Robert and Rebecca work faster and better handle their tasks(like pizza-making and waitressing course); 2. the second type is aimed at quickening the work on machines(ice-cream, coffee, and pop-corn). 3. Lastly, the third ones will let you to renovate and decorate your pizzeria to make it look attractive for the coming customers.


Of course, I recommend that you first train your stuff to ensure the future success. Just like in real life, education is of great use in Turbo Pizza. After a waitressing course, Rebecca will rush like crazy, and Robert will make pizzas a way faster than he did before the course.


The speed and complexity of your work will depend on every specific day. Say, some days are proclaimed pizza contests, or pizza days, so you'll be serving mostly pizzas. On a hot summer day (like this one:)) you'll be serving cool soda mostly.


In terms of gameplay Turbo Pizza is a smart mix of The Apprentice: LA and Cake Mania in terms of general concept and gameplay. But it is so engagingly vivid, that it cannot be compared with any other Diner arcade.


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Game Review   2007-07-20


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