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Game Review   2008-02-01


Turbo Subs free game downloadTurbo Subs- The Sequel to Turbo Pizza


Seems like this year Oberon Media is going to set a new industry record in producing hit games. Meet the title that hit Top 10 games chart at Big Fish Games. I'm talking about Turbo Subs - a sequel to glorious Turbo Pizza developed by AliasWorlds in cooperation with Oberon Media.

Rebecca and Robert decided to smell the roses after a hard work at Turbo Pizza and go to New York for vacation.



Just like the other title characters of diner games, they were doomed to spend the whole vacation working hard and serving sandwiches, snacks and coffee in NY subs, Coney Island park and even inside Lady Freedom's torch!

Turbo Subs free game downloadSo, if you played Turbo Pizza, I don't have to tell you that you're going to meet cute characters and work at a Turbo speed. But if you're new to the Turbo game series, I must tell you this is the craziest, and the most colorful and eye-pleasing diner game.


Get ready for another 60 levels of serving food and drinks at crazy pace. The point of the game is to serve all the coming customers – a typical New Yorkers – from business people, to sulky teenagers, business ladies, nervous artists and musicians, and so on.

To perform an order, you'll have to take the wanted product from your bar (this might be pack of chips, a cookie, a cotton candy or a cup of coffee) and deliver it to your customer.

Turbo Subs free game downloadSome products require a sequence of actions to be prepared, and thus you'll spend more time cooking them. To prepare a sandwich is one of the most complicated ones. First, Rob should prepare a sandwich. If the customer wants it baked, Rebecca should put the sandwich to the oven and spice it up with sauces. The same concerns cotton candy that will have to be prepared in advance.

Needless to say, that in order to boost your score, you've got to chain your actions. Ideally, you should wait until your diner is full and every place is taken. Then accept all the orders. Then serve a chain of customers. And finally take all the cash from the counter.

But the last action will be much harder to perform because of NY criminals seeking to steal your cash. So, when you see a guy in a stripped T-shirt and a black mask, be sure to grab the money from the counter before he does it.

Turbo Subs free game downloadSo, there are two tips and tricks for this game:

1. Chain as more actions as possible to activate Turbo Service(a special condition, when both Rebecca and Robert work extremely fast.

2. Try to have the complicated menu items (like sandwiches, cotton candies, and coffee) prepared in advance.

3. Purchase upgrades between the levels (upgraded products like cookies, cola and chips will earn you more money, while upgraded interior will make it easier for you to reach Turbo Service).

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Game Review   2008-02-01


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This is Turbo Subs review. Download this game here.