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Game Review   2007-01-12


Turtle Odyssey 2Turtle Odyssey 2 - Adventure Hunger out of Turtle Shell


According to an old Russian saying, the way you begin a New Year determines the way you're going to pass it.


So, judging the fact that on the New Year eve Russian developers from Realore Studio, released the second installment of Turtle Odyssey. Obviously, 2007 is promising to be funny, cute and very dynamic.

Here we go again. The most charming turtle in the computer world Ozzy sets off on a new adventure in the fairy cartoon world that is even more real than the real one due to the new graphical effects. Should you like to learn more details about Ozzy the Turtle, you may check out the introduction info from our review of the first version of Turtle Odyssey.


So, first things first: let's face what the second version has to offer:


Turtle Odyssey 2 playfield- enhanced graphics along with the diversified video effects.


Turtle Odyssey is still a cartoon-looking adventure, but now with much diversified graphical environment. More funny, cute, cheeky creatures there are to meet;


- an adventure map that you see between the levels;


- a brand-new storyline;


- after-level awards (Once you complete a level successfully, you may be awarded for defeating monsters, collecting all coins on your way with a lucky star, bonus level and other nice stuff);


One day a turtle smashes an iceberg. It cracks and releases an odd creature that was frozen inside. The fluffy fish with somewhat aggressive expression, rushes onto the sea, and Ozzy has to follow it.


Turtley Odyssey 2 Adventure MapThus, just like the previous version, the latest version of the game is an adventure quest, that, taking into account the game play basics is very similar to Super Mario bros. game series.


The point is to direct the main character from level to level, collecting 5 diamonds on each. Plus, you have to defeat monsters like octopi, snails, flying fishes, odd yellow fishes etc. 


Or at least avoid meeting them. Plus you're to collect coins, chests, and little stones. And of course, you're to stay alive after that...


What's good and bad about the newer version?


Grab the coins!Luckily, in the latest version you don't have to nervously check your oxygen supply every now and then and seek for the opportunities to refill it. That's because a huge part of Ozzy's adventures will take place on the ground. Yet, many other features such as elevators, abysses, hills, and hidden treasures have remained in the latest version.


Unfortunately, the stones that help you restore the health you lost while kissing hello to octopi, snails or flying fishes that always arise out of the blue, are much rare than in the previous version, which means if you don't play smoothly, you have a chance to start over again.   


Yayyy!The levels are so diverse and there's a lot to explore about each of them. The game physics is extremely dynamic, and your character has no time to stand still. This is why, you'll have to practice jumping, hopping, running, walking, swaying on lianas, swimming in all possible directions and of course, fighting.


In all honesty the merriest level ever is the level when Ozzy rides on a horsefish back. This is as delightful and addicting!   




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Game Review   2007-01-12


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Skeletas  2008-03-19 03:10:21
turtle odyssey

lea  2009-07-11 08:53:47
i love the game.will there be a no.3 game?if so when?

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