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Game Review   2017-10-30


Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 4Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 4


As you can probably guess, Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 4 is the fourth game int he Vacation Adventures series and it is just as addictive as all the previous games from this developer. It might seem that the game is a bit...old-fashioned and you are probably right, but trust me you are going to love it anyway.



You are going to play as a cruise director on Liberty of the Waves ship.


Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 4

I think these games have quite a following because who does not like the feeling of going to new places or a reminder of when they went to all kinds of traveling adventures. You know that you are going to travel on a cruise ship but this is not all of it. You are going to be responsible for a lot more!


Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 4

You are going to play as a cruise director on Liberty of the Waves ship. It is a luxurious ship that will travel to the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and Asia. You are going to visit some of the famous sights of some the most visited cities in the world. You are also responsible for taking care of your tourists' excursions, lodging, meals etc. Needless to say, you are going to love jumping on and off the ship and arriving at different locations all the time.


Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 4

The game's graphics are all bright and pretty and create a nice atmosphere for each place you visit or see on the ship.


As for the game's gameplay, it is a straightforward hidden object with puzzles and mini-games in between. Very relaxing, very old-fashioned. But you can make more challenging for yourself by choosing Challenging mode instead of Casual.


The items on the lists of hidden objects are blue and red. The red ones are hidden behind things and the blue ones require some sort of action. You get a bronze, silver, gold star if you find all of the items of a certain type (lost or recyclable or both). Not using a hint is rewarded with a bonus and Mega Hint can show you all the items in a scene. 18 trophies are available for earning, which adds to the challenge a bit. The puzzles in between the hidden object scenes are some of the most common to this genre: find a difference, rotate pieces, match 2 similar tiles, etc...


This game is worthy of your attention if you don't mind a relaxing HOPA without any dark life-threatening events.

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Game Review   2017-10-30


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This is Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 4 review. Download this game here.