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Game Review   2010-09-19


Vampire Brides: Love Over Death  


Vampire Brides Love Over Death CoverAren't you already tired of the vampire theme? Not that one with the Twilight saga, but the old one, tracing back to Transylvania and Vlad Tepes. Then the new adventure hidden object game Vampire Brides: Love Over Death is right for you. Its gameplot is based on the Dracula story with a mixture of love and death, of course. The game will take you to the year 1885, where you playing as Catalina, a young and handsome aristocrat's daughter, face the truth of those times: women never inherit the legacy until they get married. And as the Catalina's father doesn't feel well and her mother died many years ago under the strange circumstance the future promises nothing but an old wealthy nobleman as a husband. This might be the end of the story, but actually it is a start point of the game...




Catalina doesn't feel marrying an old man her father has chosen for her. Running from the wistful thoughts she walks Budapest and meets a handsome lord Vlad. The guy promises life for her father if only Catalina becomes his wife. And he really can do that as he is immortal himself. Being Catalina what will you prefer?


The epoch is depicted really cool. You cannot find any appliances out of time, be sure! Quite the contrary there are many things you can see either in museums or books. 


Vampire Brides Love Over Death Catalinas RoomThe game is full of HOG scenes. Be prepared to visit the locations again and again, but every time you'll be provided with a different list of items. The HOG scenes have fore- and backgrounds. And the searched items might be both there and there. Besides the items are not necessarily full. In one scene, for example, I was looking for an apple really long as it was only part of it seen in the corner of the screen. Furthermore some items are seen only partly as in some places they are hidden behind the stairs or something else that you cannot move to see everything clear. In some scenes you'll have to open boxes or cases to take the item out. So feel free to click on everything you see. There is no penalty for random clicking.


Vampires Brides EstateAnother feature of the HOG scenes of the game is that the most called-for items are insects and bones. On one hand I can understand the with of the developers to create something a little bit provoking the thoughts of death, but the cockroaches and spiders are depicted so well that some scenes look like the biological glossaries. Personally I'd appreciate if there were less insects but more different medieval arms or utensils, whatever.


Talking about artworks it is splendid. The epoch is depicted really cool. You cannot find any appliances out of time, be sure! Quite the contrary there are many things you can see only in museums or books. So playing  is a real pleasure for those of you who enjoy the atmosphere of antiquity. The music deserves for the praise not less than the graphics. But the game lacks some voiceover as well as animation.


Vampire Brides Light The FireplaceHog-scenes make up the biggest part of the game. The interactions are small. Though we buy games to play, not to watch, I was really doing my best to pass the tasks as quick as possible as I was really intrigued by the plot that was developed in the interactions. Thanks to the possibility of skipping the puzzles I managed to do that even faster I wished. Besides the hint button is quickly charged. So it is up to you to decide on how quickly you should become the bride.


Will love be over death? Will an immortal Vlad keep his word? Are you ready to wear the wedding dress? The time of answers has come. Just start to play!

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Game Review   2010-09-19


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