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Game Review   2008-11-04


Vanilla and ChocolateVanilla and Chocolate - Become a Master of Ice-Cream Art!

Make sure you stock chocolate, vanilla ice-cream and other sweet delicacies before you start the game, for otherwise you will be in danger of dying of hanger. The game, though basically offering time-management game play, will also require significant strategical thinking and managing skills.

A little ice-cream? No, thanks. Tons of ice-cream!

Vanilla and ChocolateWelcome to the Ice-Cream Master's Apprentice Competition, where your skills of running a shop and creating delicious ice-cream! With the help of Harvey, an instructor of the Ice-Cream Academy, you will be able to compete for the main prize - being an apprentice of the Legendary Sven Minski! During the apprenticeship you will learn all the secrets of his art and become a real Ice-Cream Master! But in order to achieve this you have to win the three rounds of the tournament, managing three ice-cream shop in three completely different locations - and persuading the strict jury you are the best each time! Are you ready for the challenge of your life?

The game starts with a detailed tutorial which is especially helpful because some aspects of the game will require explanation. Before you can start your day in a routine time-management level, you have to choose your day's special based on popularity of each ice-cream flavor among potential customers. Than you have to decide which cones and in which quantity you will need for the day, not mentioning the toppings, upgrades and collection items, all of which influence on your performance. If you are confused with your choice, you have a number of tools to help you in making decisions. First, you have reports that show the trends in your financial and marketing performance. You can also use such local services as CreamOmeter and Credit Service, that will give you information on predicted demand and cash, if you are short of it. Temperature and Popularity Index will help you stock necessary amounts of ingredients.

Vanilla and ChocolateYou also have a number of opportunities that make your life easier and much more fun, like courses in the Academy to take or marketing tools to use for attracting customers. I should also mention the wonderful chance to create your own recipes once you unlock the respective options.

The time-management part is quite traditional. You serve ice-cream and drinks, as well as coffee as pacifier, and try to keep all your customers happy - which brings you combo bonuses, speed bonuses and even special gifts from them, if you are especially good.

The game offers a real diversity of options to choose and decisions to make, so if you like to plan and build strategy while making your business - it's a must-try!


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Game Review   2008-11-04


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Angela  2008-12-09 18:26:46
In the second level you need to get 5 milkshake recipes to continue and the game malfunctions when you try to win them. Without them you can't get any farther. It's in the gourmet gelato courses number 11.

Alice  2008-12-27 03:49:20
exactly, I tried many different ways, but I cannot go through it...

Ida  2009-01-27 01:11:42
Same here. I thought it's my computer bug.

Fahie  2009-02-10 03:32:09
so if i tried gourmet gelato number 11, it'll be ok is it? i already tried the academny many times..esspecially with collecting ingredients..troublesome...any1 anymoer clues...pls help

Jenny  2010-09-15 05:07:20
It really has some errors in the game. Even when I collected all the pieces in that level 11 still I'm in that puzzle. How can I go through this? I think this is a kind of bug in the game...

shahrina  2011-07-01 11:58:28
i did not found all ingredients of gourmet gelato at level 11.how i can pass the level,pls help...

moni love  2011-11-03 06:12:12
I am at the beginning of the game and I cannot stock all four flavors only three so the program won't let me start the day. Whats the deal here?

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