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Game Review   2010-10-07


Venus: The Case of the Grand Slam Queen


Venus the case of the grand slam queen introSome celebrities are so popular and have so many fans that the game developers cannot stand but use them as the main heroes of their games. And otherwise some celebrities want to be even more recognizable than they are so they use games to promote themselves. One of these reasons is definitely the case of a newly released Hidden Object Adventure Venus: The Case of the Grand Slam Queen. The hero of the game is Venus Williams, one of the titled sisters Williams, both of whom successfully play tennis. The plot is not at all quaint. The plane is landing. Venus arrives at London to win the championship and put on Summer Design Fashion show. But then occurs that somebody has broken into Venus’ house…


Venus: The Case of the Grand Slam Queen allows you to get an insider’s view on Venus’s life and passions, which include tennis, interior and fashion design, and dogs. Eager to start unlocking chapters of the game? The first one can be opened at once, but all succeeding chapters can only be unlocked by providing the correct password. All the passwords are tucked into the scenes or stated in the Journal. So keep your eyes opened for them!


While progressing the game you’ll get to know many facts about Venus Williams and about tennis in general.


Venus the case of the grand slam queen kitchenJournal is at your disposal every moment of the game as well as the pretty fast rechargeable hint button, clicking which make sparkles to appear right around the place the needed object is. While progressing the game you’ll get to know many facts about Venus Williams and about tennis in general. As an example, do you know that the framed tennis balls autographed by Venus have been offered online for as much as $400? In my opinion this is the only thing that makes the game original and worth the money it costs.

Venus the case of the grand slam queen minigameThe tasks in the game are not challenging at all. Mainly these are the HOG things. Though the majority of the objects are easy to find, some of them seem hard to recognize as zebra crossing on the ceiling (personally I thought that it was a part of decor). Be careful with the random clicking – you can get a penalty of 30 seconds during which you cannot do anything. And the time matters. That’s the thing every sportsman knows. The duration of your efforts spent on the game counts. By the way, you can skip the mini-games, but 30 minutes will be added to your general time if you do that.

Venus the case of the grand slam queen find the differenceAs for the mini-games they are diverse. You will be asked to spot the odd, find the differences between two pictures of Venus, dress Vinus, match the questions with the answers to make a logical dialogue and take photos. Still cannot guess why, but taking pictures is one of the most popular tasks in the game. You’re given a list of images where you can see the parts of the scene and you’re supposed to focus your “camera” (the green frame) on the same places. The tone of the frame is your prompt – when it gets greener you’ve caught the right view.

The graphics are one dimensional and it really lacks some animation. The music changes from time to time but not as often as one can wish. But the drawn Venus speaks with the voice of a real tennis star! And that’s a nice surprise.


Making a long story short, the game is rather for kids than for adults taking into consideration its complicacy. But the ones who are interested in tennis and love Venus might be totally happy with it.

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Game Review   2010-10-07


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This is Venus: The Case of the Grand Slam Queen review. Download this game here.