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Game Review   2012-11-03


Web of Deceit: Black Widow Web of Deceit: Black Widow 



Web of Deceit: Black Widow seems to be one of those games that you keep waiting for, and then it finally comes out. If you a fan of hidden object puzzle adventure games, you will be pleased with this one for sure. Unless you are afraid of spiders. There are lots of them here just as the title suggests.



The game's all aspects are polished and thought through.


Web of Deceit: Black Widow

I know tha the story is not all that new. But it really is very intriguing. Maybe because it is so well polished. So your train stops in this strange little town. It doesn't take too long for you to find out the town is controlled by a kind of witch. Her past reflects that of a black widow. Her mechanical spiders are all over the place. So now you have to uncover her reasons for revenge if you want to find your way out of trouble.


The game's all aspects are polished and thought through. The graphics are outstanding with real actors and the voice overs are very realistic. All that adds a lot to the general atmosphere.


Web of Deceit: Black Widow

As you can expect from a game of this genre. There are some hidden object levels. Their number is not too overwhelming, but well balanced with the other parts of the game.


The mini-games are another job for you to do here. They are fun to play mostly because they are very unusual compared to what we've got used to see here. All that goes on while you are wandering around trying to get all the possible clues. There are three levels of difficulty for you to chhose from, too.


The game is super creepy and attractive at the same time. I'm sure most of the fans of the genre will be pleased with it.






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Game Review   2012-11-03


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Toyib  2012-11-11 17:41:46
Got bitten six times by a Brown Widow moivng into our Sarasota, FL rental.I havene28099t heard of anyone else being boneheaded enough to get bitten repeatedly by a brown widow, so I thought I'd post my story and symptoms. I was unpacking boxes in our garage and felt a prick under my armpit (mid-morning), which I dismissed as my imagination or a mosquito, so I just let it go. I had recently put my shirt back on after leaving it laying around and I had also walked through a very strong/sticky web. A while after feeling the prick, maybe an hour or two, I wasne28099t feeling well, so I called off moivng day and drove my family back to my mome28099s house, over an hour away. By the time we arrived (early afternoon), I had a bad headache and was feeling rather ill.This developed into a severe headache, strange and uncomfortable hot/cold flashes, and nausea. I felt like I couldne28099t really move my face b/c it just hurt too much and I didne28099t want to. I recall my 2 year old climbing on me and feeling helpless to get him off of me. Ie28099ve never felt something just take over the way this took me over. Not knowing what had happened, I took 4 Excedrin Migraine pills (Ie28099ve never had a migraine so thought it might have been one).They didne28099t help at all. Almost an hour later, I was vomiting (not due to the pills). I took a double dose of someonee28099s migraine meds (Fioricet), slipped into a very deep sleep for a few hours, and woke up feeling substantially better like I had an almost normal piercing headache. I took 4 Ibuprofen, which helped a little. A few hours after that, I started feeling close to normal again (late evening). Then over the next few days, I found these unexplainable bite marks under my arm that seemed to develop slightly in severity. Ie28099ve been bitten by mosquitoes, chiggers, no-see-ums, wasps, and ants, and the bites were just not quite like any of those, although Ie28099d say they were closest to my experience getting stung by a wasp or fireant (but I didne28099t get stung by a wasp or ant e28093I would have noticed that). There were 6 distinct bite marks within about a 6e2809d radius. I suspect it was from one trapped spider, as they seemed to range from more to less severe (in order, down my side). I tried various treatments and found witch hazel to be most soothing.Fortunately, the bites never became infected and they went away after a little over a week, first coming to a firm head, but never actually popping or oozing (I resisted the urge to fuss with them). Anyway, a few days after the symptoms, did some research on spiders, went back to the house and found the web I had walked through, which had a Brown Widow and egg sacs around it, and I found dozens of other Brown Widows and egg sacks around the garage. They were mostly in the overhangs among the aluminum garage door panels and around recycle bins.The widows and their egg sacks were unmistakable once I knew what to look for. I killed them all with pesticide and expect to have to make another round again shortly.

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