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Game Review   2009-06-02


Wedding Dash 3Wedding Dash: Ready. Aim. Love! - All the Love of the World!

Yahoo! The next installment of the extremely popular Wedding Dash series from PlayFirst and Sarbakan is out - with all new features, a great mini-game and even more fun! You will meet Quinn and Flo and lots of happy couples hoping for a perfect wedding. Of course, the Cupid is hanging around all the time!

Didn't meet the yearly quota? Need help making your boyfriend propose? Ask your friends for help!

Wedding Dash 3Coming back to DinerTown, we find that Cupid, the little (but not really young in this version) god of love, failed to meet his yearly quota of loving couples and has only two months before he'll be fired by his mysterious chief. And Quinn, the fabulous wedding planner, is planning her own wedding, as the resort where she was dreaming to have it, has had a last-minute cancellation and she has already paid for the booking. The only thing left is to make her second half Joe, the photographer, propose. The two desperate people find each other and make a deal - Quinn helps Cupid with the weddings, and Cupid helps her with the proposal. Everyone happy! Of course, every several levels the story will develop for you to stay interested until the very end. What about Flo falling in love?

Wedding Dash 3On such a short notice none of the usual venues is available, so you will hold wedding in 5 rather weird locations, like DinerTown Aquarium of a Farm Barn. Creativity is a must!

Each venue offers 10 levels and a mini-game. The mini-game is fun - you have to help Cupid shoot arrows to the persons he wants to fall in love. The basic game play is traditional for the series, but with a couple of interesting twists. Before each level you'll be offered to make some choices, like food, decoration or music for the banquet, and of course you have to take the couple's wishes into consideration and keep within the given budget if you want to earn some additional Love Tokens for upgrades.

Wedding Dash 3During the level you'll seat the guests according to their requests, take their gifts, serve them meals and earn chaining bonuses. The guests are all different, for example. One of the cousins will eat two dishes of each course, and others should be put together at the cocktail table for a Flirt bonus (yes, there will be a cocktail table to put the waiting guests there). Punch fountain and coffee machine to give Flo a speed boost are also there.

Be ready to face and avert some disasters, like Cupid overturning the gift pile or Jax the Dog going away from his owner. Of course, dealing with them will also bring you points.


Upgrades are bought after each level with the Love Tokens you earn for completing the wedding preparation, the mini-game and the levels themselves. I found the cherubs carrying additional plates for Flo the most useful. Then come speed increases for Flo, Quinn and the Chef, as well as chairs to keep the guests' patience up. Unlike the first games,you can choose any available option provided that you have enough tokens.

One of the greatest funs of Wedding Dash 3 are the animations. The characters are really cute and watching them eating, dancing or even waiting is really amusing. Just don't forget to play while you watch!

I could be speaking for much longer, as this title is genuinely one of my favorites, but the next wedding is waiting for me, so I'm leaving you to try it yourself!


Good luck with the love!

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Game Review   2009-06-02


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Cory  2009-12-30 02:06:14
I enjoy the whole Dash series but this one I like most

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