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Game Review   2010-11-08


Youda Farmer 2 Youda Farmer 2: Save The Village - Even Better That The First One


There is a general pattern of sequels to be alittle or a lot worse than the first game, movie or book. But it is only a pattern, not an unbreakable rule.


And Youda Farmer 2: Save The Village is an example of those cases when the following release builds on to the orginal game.



You are staying where you left off the last time.


Youda Farmer 2

If you expected the sequel to take to some exotic place or make deal with some new stunning challenge, you might be a bit disappointed. You are staying where you left off the previous time.


You find yourself in the same village. And this time you are to resque the villagers from the Big Boss, that represents the evil in this game. The future of your farm, the vendors, and villagers is in your hands.


You have over 70 levels to accomplish the mission and not let this even real estate agent get his goals. You will be able to do that by constructing and upgrading new farms, stables, and enhancing the offers of local vendors.


Youda Farmer 2

Doing all of that is going to make the gaming process much longer than that of the prequel, which is a nice thing for a good game.


Another wonderful change in the second game is that now you collect and deliver the products at the same time. These two activities are not separated, but happen at the same time, making completing the level with the gold time quite a chllenge.


As to the general gameplay, it gets more and more complicated very fast. At first you just go and collect the products from the farms and deliver them to the vendors in the village, but then you get different ways to make it faster or better or get more money if you do what it takes. So get ready for some hard work here.


Youda Farmer 2

This level of the challenge requires special skills of strategy and decision making since you get different goals for each level, and it serves well if you remember as many recipes as possible and the best routes for your truck.


Apart from those levels there are also special levels, which allow you to earn more money. Those are not skipable or failable. Those are good for a change, but they become a bit messy as you proceed. The game's general look and sound won't disappoint you, but rather brighten your day.


Youda Farmer 2: Save The Village is a great game to stop by and play... and then maybe replay for better scores...



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Game Review   2010-11-08


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This is Youda Farmer 2: Save The Village review. Download this game here.