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Game Review   2009-05-26


Youda MarinaYouda Marina - Create Your Very Own Harbour!

As the summer gets closer, summer-themed games are becoming more and more popular. But the title I'm going to talk about, the new release from Youda Games, though definitely related to summer, has no connection to ice-cream or working at the beach. Actually, you get to run a whole harbour and deal with all kinds of docks, boats and facilities. The challenging simulation game play will keep your attached to the game for hours - that's what I can promise!

What about managing a beautiful marina in a location of your choice?

Youda MarinaThis game will give you such a chance. Not offering any story, Youda Marina takes you to the middle of running the beautiful harbour from the very beginning, once you make your first choices. And if you are just starting, they'll be quite limited as you have to unlock the Relaxed mode by learning the basics in the Campaign and earn access to the Bay, Island and Lagoon marinas after you play a bit at the Shore.

So, you start playing with a thorough tutorial that will explain to you all the things you should know about this challenging but fun job. You start with a small number of little docks and a shore with no building at all, and your task is to develop all the necessary facilities to be able to accept all the boats wishing to dock at your harbour and to entertain all the visitors coming with them.

First of all you'll need a radio station to be able to communicate with the boats. Each boat needing a dock will call you and if you have a vacant dock of suitable size, you can make an offer to the captain taking into account the chances of him accepting it. If he does, you get some money and reputation points that help you increase your rank and earn access to more features and options.

Youda MarinaYou progress through the game by achieving some milestones in the allocated time, like attracting a certain number of visitors, building certain facilities or reaching certain budget size. There are no separate levels, but after each set of milestones you are offered a choice of either going on with the next milestones or taking your time and exploring your harbour without pressure a bit.

The whole system you have to maintain is rather complex. There are five categories of buildings, including Event Facilities, Land Attractions, Shore Facilities, Utilities and

Infrastructure, and all the category are equally important for your harbour's wellbeing, so you have to keep them all in balance. Otherwise your visitors will become disappointed and your income will fall, and that will prevent you from achieving the next milestones and progressing in the game.

One more pleasant feature is that you can always choose whether you wish to continue playing one of your previous maps or create a new one - and start everything from the beginning with a new strategy.

So, what will your Youda Marina look like?

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Game Review   2009-05-26


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