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Game Review   2011-05-05


Youda Survivor 2


Virtual Villagers: New Belivers

Imagine that you are on a desert island. What to do first? Exactly! Find something to eat, any place to live and be ready to protect yourself from pirates. Your aim is to survive here without reference to  what  may happen to you  and  no matter whether you are alone on this island like it is  in Yoda Survivor 2  or  you are with your new tribe on the mysterious island called Isola like in Virtual Villagers 5. This popular story with New Believers starts when a child  discovers a lost mask on a forbidden path at the edge of the village. The elders gather to examine never seen mask and appoint a small group of villagers to search that path, which take them into the darkest part of the jungle. But as Youda Survivor 2 begins, the island chief calls you back, and it looks like some serious trouble is brewing this time around...




Your main goal in both games is to survive on your desert island.


In Youda Survivor2 levels generally start out with very little to work with, and it's your job to build things from the ground up. Start with digging holes to create water pits that attract animals. Then, other animals might be drawn by the products those animals leave behind (goats want to eat flamingo eggs, for example). Each animal leaves something you can collect. Gather what you need to meet the goals listed at the bottom of the screen!


Caring for animals, gathering their products, and fending off bad guys with your fierce cursor aren't your only concerns. In Youda Survivor 2, you also have to pay attention to your health. Strength and hydration are shown in the top corner of the screen, and they slowly deplete as time goes by. You can keep your hearts full by brewing certain potions, and often you'll need to have a certain number of hearts to beat a level. Strength also serves as a meter for using rituals, special abilities you can activate that do cool things like summon rainstorms. If your water or health bars drop to zero, you lose the level, so keep a constant eye on them!


You play as a god  trying to protect your little band on this beautiful island, to help them survive and develop, and to convert some of these heathens to your side in order to enlarge your tiny tribe.
First of all you select 5 members of your new tribe. Choose them thoughtfully, paying attention to their age, sex and skills they can master. Their abilities may come in handy for building, researching and at last for surviving.


At  the beginning your group is surrounded  by stakes to keep your people in one spot. Don't waist your time and  get down to business. One member of your tribe can tear down the stakes and build a structure to protect your food. If you are familiar with previous Virtual Villagers games you know how to do it . Drag and drop you characters onto places you want them to work on. It is the same with learning new skills.
Make sure your villagers are learning many useful skills throughout your play on the different locations on the map.
Then you get someone to start building the hut so your villagers can reproduce. Once it is ready the couple enter this structure and produce a baby, because only kids can collect  food (mushroom) and important relics for different types of points. However you may need to give birth to another child, the first one will outgrow his duties someday. Adults cannot do this kind of work and this is the downside. As the relics appear for a shot period of time so be quick to pick them up. Click on the child drag him to the item and drop the kid on it.




Branching paths in Youda Survivor's map creates a nice open-ended feel to the game. You can go in either direction you please, but often you'll need certain upgrades before you proceed, so you might need to backtrack to earn more points so you can visit the shop. There are also a number of achievements to strive for (ten pages of them, in fact!), and since you'll be spending many hours of your time working through and perfecting over 100 levels, earning trophies should be a snap!




Your main goal in New Belivers is not only converting  the heathens to you side but also destroying mausoleum and totems. It turns out to be not so easy because these structures are guarded by the masked tribe. You are faced with this type of puzzles all the way long. You may use your god powers to clear the area. Finding the ways of overcoming these obstacles adds variety to the scenario.
In whole this new version differs a little bit  from  its predecessors. There are some new twists in this game. You have extra power, heathens are to be converted to your faith, new puzzles are more challenging, the villager area is lager and even more beautiful. Graphics and music are up to the mark us usual.



Youda Survivor 2 is another excellent time management game from the crew at Youda Games. The mixture of time management styles with a bit of simulation thrown in (with the strength/hydration management) is carefully balanced, so you're never too overwhelmed with either aspect.


There's a lot to love about this game, and thanks to its impressive length (and variety of locations), you'll spend six, eight, or more hours working through the levels and going back to master each one. The gameplay is nigh perfectly balanced, what with the branching map paths, careful upgrade system, and introduction of new elements every few stages.


Not only beginners but even fans of this genre will find many interesting things and spend hours playing these two addictive games. You'll have a great time with it!


Download Virtual Villagers 5 


Download Youda Suvivor 2


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Game Review   2011-05-05


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