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Game Review   2007-01-22


Per Aspera ad Astra QuestZodiac Tower  - Per Aspera Ad Astra Quest


Hidden in the Zodiac Tower, a ship exists that gives people the power to make a long trip to space. But first you need to construct a rocket. To find all mechanisms necessary for it, you have to progress through 107 levels of the astrological tower.



As you start your quest, you'll see that the playing field is divided into two parts.

Find similarly shaped combinations of symbols


One part is occupied by a grid. The tiles of this grid are filled with enigmatic symbols, such as white pyramids, cursive M letters etc.


Another part contains Tetris-type shapes. Shapes can be rotated for a successful match.


The task is to find similarly shaped combinations of symbols in the grid that can be matched with Tetris pieces.



Matched tiles disappear from the playing field scoring you points. Mind that some tiles are to be matched several times to disappear.


Playing field is divided into two partsTo break wooden and iron cells, you have to destroy overlapping pieces. Occasionally, stone tiles with faces, shields or sunbursts are added to the playing field. You have to destroy neighboring pieces to break these special boxes and blocks.


To eliminate other squares, you have to delete the highlighting behind them by matching pieces atop them. Once the level is completed, you'll move to the next step of a Zodiac Tower structure.


If you advance through the game, you'll be rewarded with multiple power-ups and bonus shapes.


Power-ups and bonuses are multiple in the gamePower-ups (they seem to be pouring from horn of plenty) can be combined with all shapes regardless of their size. You can match Bonus shapes with any combination of symbols at the board. Other power-ups are bombs that explode 3X3 cells, rockets smashing everything on their way, magnets, chain lightning attacks and a handful of other useful artillery aids. 

As you proceed through levels, try to collect as many coins as possible.


When the sum raised is big enough, you will be able to pop in the between-levels Equipment Shop and exchange earned cash for useful items and power-ups.


Select Arcade or Quest mode to add challenge to your quest. Arcade mode suggests playing through one long level to uncover hidden bonus items.  Quest mode means passing every stage of a magic structure trying to collect all items necessary for Zodiac ship building.


Game features three modes


The game stands out of other matching puzzles: adding alltime popular Tetris-inspired motive to the general scheme is a real challenge.


Astrological motive and graphics inspired by the medieval fiction add an unexpected twist to the gameplay, which gives an extraordinary taste to the game.





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Game Review   2007-01-22


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mitch  2008-01-16 16:32:48
you can get last piece of ship by playing arcade, once you accumulate enough points it unlocks last piece.

Still can't build ship but have all the pieces


SHARON CHICK  2007-08-02 20:22:28
the game is alot of fun, however, I have gone straight to the top and finished the complete tower, but I never get all the items for the ship, usually all but one. What is up with that, is that all there is to the game, you don't ever to go any further to build the ship? also in the arcade mode you can break all the necessary blocks and still gain nothing. Is there instructions to this game. I'm a little dissapointed in this game. Please let me know what is going on with this game and if there is even a ship at all.

mikey paciullo  2007-07-20 13:43:18
i love this game

mark  2007-10-06 18:09:55
I agree with Sharon, I've gone all the way to the top and gotten every piece of the ship except the telescope. I've even gone back and replayed each level just an case I missed the part and stillnothing. What's up with this. There not even instrutions on how to play the game just hints. I've very disappointed in the game.

cindy  2008-08-16 19:40:13
Play the arcade game until you are blue in the face, and you will find the last piece. Then you have to go back to the quest game and beat the two parts of the ship at the top of the tower, and it's all over.

Cindy  2008-08-15 19:06:04
Can't find the last piece either! What a pain!

jhuey  2008-09-25 03:40:33
how many points do you need in arcade mode to get the last part to build ship and is there annnny othr way to get last part

Juni  2010-02-13 08:06:20
I reached the top of the tower and now I have been stuck on the first puzzle of the quest mode for 20 rounds - how do I move on

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